Introducing Product Discovery, ProductPlan’s New Tool for Strategic Decision-Making and Idea Capture

Cameron Fitchett
Director of Product Marketing at ProductPlan

Today, ProductPlan is officially launching a brand new Product Discovery tool available exclusively to our Enterprise customers. With Product Discovery, you can capture ideas, organize them in a central repository, and validate the right opportunities that will drive your strategy.

For Enterprise customers looking for more detailed information on how to get started, check out our support documentation. And for those not on a ProductPlan Enterprise plan, we’d love to show you how Product Discovery can help you make better product decisions with a quick demo. You can schedule that here.

Finally, let’s spend some time walking through why we invested in solving challenges around capturing ideas and validating opportunities. We’ll also show off what you can expect to find in Product Discovery with a quick tour of the platform provided below.

Let’s get started.

Why We Built It

Product teams have long needed an easy way to organize all of their product ideas. Feedback can come from anywhere. An idea might come from the company strategy that asks the product team to deliver on a particular objective. Or an idea might come directly from your customers who ask for specific improvements to your product.

But ideas alone don’t make a product strategy. Adding every feature request or new idea from a vocal stakeholder onto your roadmap is a quick way to become a feature factory. So while capturing and organizing ideas is certainly step one, it can’t end there.

We wrote more about our approach to helping you turn feedback into strategic product decisions late last year. The takeaway being that there needs to be an established process that helps you decide whether possible solutions will drive desired company outcomes.

This is the Product Discovery process in a nutshell. Develop a profound understanding of your customers, then use that knowledge to build vital products. Without a way to capture and compare possible solutions for the same opportunity, product teams are unable to make prioritization decisions confidently. Everything becomes a priority. And when everything is a priority, nothing is.

Sound familiar?

How ProductPlan Helps

The Idea Capture section of ProductPlan's Product Discovery tool

ProductPlan’s Product Discovery tool has two main spaces. The first is a dedicated Ideas space for you to capture and manage customer feedback, feature requests, and more. Ideas can be submitted directly by internal stakeholders with the right permissions, or by customers via private intake form. This helps you control the influx of ideas, focusing on quality over quantity.

The second is an Opportunities space designed to help you uncover the work that will make the biggest impact on your business.

The opportunity space of ProductPlan's Product Discovery tool

Opportunities help you bridge the gap between your strategy and the ideas you collect. Use opportunities to outline possible strategic priorities for your team. Then, assign the ideas that could help you accomplish each priority you identify.

With opportunities, you finally have a place to document your strategy, compare opportunities, and define what success looks like. Opportunities are also a great way to keep your ideas organized.

The roadmap connection feature of ProductPlan's Product Discovery tool

Finally, we want to make sure you can easily move validated priorities from your Discovery space over to your ProductPlan roadmaps. In a few clicks, you can connect opportunities to relevant bars and containers in your roadmap.

Getting Started

Enterprise plan customers can get started today by logging into ProductPlan and heading over to the new Discovery space by clicking on the ‘lightbulb’ icon in the top right menu.

For non-Enterprise customers, request a demo by clicking on the button below.