WWDC Event 2019

For all the Apple fans, WWDC is one of the biggest events of the year. Its a time when the company presents new software, programs and hardware introduce time to time. Here you can check out what Tim Cook and Apple team announce in WWDC 2019 event.

Apple Watch – WWDC 2019

The smallest device is getting more upgrade periodically. From the software point of view, a Watch gets new apps such as audiobooks, voice recorder and calculator. Watch get surprising amount claps from the audience for the built-in tip calculator.

Apple Watch - WWDC 2019

One most interesting fact about Watch is Apps run independently without a phone. So the watch is getting APP store and you can buy and install the app directly from your watch.

Apple watch is focused more on the health in the few new versions and there are some health upgrades in the WatchOS6 as well. Watch also track your work schedule and also try to motivate you when you slack off. New Noise App is used device microphone to identify the loud area.

Apple announcing its cycle tracking App for tracking a user’s menstrual cycle. It doesn’t require a watch, you can use it on the phone too.

Apple Services

From Apple, there are so much new to hear about services News, Arcade, Apple TV+. This is just a reminder that these things exist and important as well.

At WWDC 2019, Tim Cook starts off with the keynote of talking about tvOS, powers the Apple TV devices like Apple TV 4K. tvOS now get the multi-user support, so everyone can get them up next list and personalized recommendation. The new tvOS plays music and show lyrics at the same time. On the Apple TV, players will be able to use Xbox One and PlayStation DualShock controllers, which is a huge development.

Apple Services introduction

iOS 13

iOS 13 is just like bread and butter of the WWDC 2019 event. Tim Cook says that iOS 12 is on 85% of Apple user devices.

The focus like last year is on Speed. Unlocking the phone with FaceID is get device 30% faster. The official also says that after the new OS update, apps getting 60% smaller than the previous one.

Most waiting moment, Apple announced in WWDC 2019 that Dark OS is also coming to iOS.

Dark iOS

Safari and Notes both getting the normal updates nut reminder get the total change. The new version of reminder comes with new features like where you want to show it up and with whom to you want to share the event.

Maps also getting change with more detail Maps. Thanks to Apple for getting detail more information, it uses Arial data as well as info captured by Cars. You can share your information with Map just once. New Maps doesn’t look for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network to try and get an idea of your location.


You can sign in with Apple as Google and Facebook do. It uses Face id to let you log in to third-party apps without sharing more information. If it asked for your email then you can share it and choose an option to hide it. Apple will create random new email addresses that forwarded to your primary email.


Apple’s high tech Memoji are getting upgraded like makeup, piercing and hats. You can use memoji as stickers and also your face as memoji.


In WWDC 2019 event announces that You can also use AI effect to images. It offers more control over images and editing with more advanced adjustment for the things.

Instead of thumbnails, it shows you an organised photo and video streams. It reminds you of Google photos. Apple’s Carplay is getting a redesign and also let you use Waze and Pandora with Siri. One of the biggest updates of Siri comes from Shortcuts app, which allows you group action into large groups.

iPad OS

WWDC 2019 event clear that the iPad is getting its own operating system now that’s different than macOS and iOS. The main difference is its multi-window compatibility. You can keep a row of widgets on your home screen next to the App Icon. You can have multi-window within an App at the same time. You multitasking is possible now like writing on two Microsoft Word document at the same time is possible.

iPad OS

The new iPad file system allows you to use the iPad like a Computer. You can also use external storage to connect to the device with the necessary cable. Amazing functionality provided as to when typing with one hand, the keyword will shrink down to let you type with a single thumb.
You can now pinch with three fingers to copy and spread your three fingers to paste.

The Mac Pro

The Mac Pro

The new Mac Pro is built with a frame of stainless steel that makes it easy to drag it around. Internal components have 360-degree access for the user. It uses 28 core Intel Xeon processor and can put up to 1.5 TB of the system memory which can also help to make your own Pixar movie. PCI expansion makes easier to upgrade than the old model.

Pro Display XDR 6K Retina screen

How can Apple forget about monitor when it comes to technology. In addition to the new super-power computer, Apple introduces a 6K monitor. 20 million pixel display with etched glass screen. On the back of the display, holes are present to channel out the heat.

The Screen promises a 1,000,000: 1 contrast ratio. Monitor stand has a complex arm and makes it easy to adjust and also rotate easily into portrait mode.

Pro Display XDR 6K Retina screen

macOS Catalina

Finally, Apple getting an Operating system. The new version is coming later this year. The big news is iTune is spiting up into three apps: Apple Music, Apple podcast and apple TV. The split among the app is pretty much as expected.

Other OS Features

It got upgraded from a security point of view, if someone steals your Mac you can now deactivate it and thief can’t do anything with it. It makes sense on the Mac.

WWDC event 2019 is come up with full of the announcement and many features in Apple devices.

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