Wordpress SEO in 2020

Top 10 WordPress SEO Tips in 2020

WordPress SEO in 2020

WordPress is a big platform for many bloggers and businesses to build their website quickly and with less programming language knowledge. The success of WordPress SEO is quite easy with the plugins available for these platforms, only the thing important is You should know How to use these plugins and WordPress dashboard to achieve a good result in terms of SEO. Here we are going to discuss the top tips on WordPress SEO in 2020. 

Why Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?

SEO is a technical analysis of the website and evaluate the website performance in terms of Google Algorithm friendliness. To handle the millions of websites and maintain the smooth working of a search engine, Google developed Searching Algorithm. Making a website friendly for this algorithm reflect the visibility of a website over the search engine.

In simple words, Google Crawlers uses different techniques to rank the website. Implementing these techniques is known as SEO. In today’s scenario, SEO is not an option, its a necessary part to work on. 

There are more than 200 ranking factors to rank the website but here we discuss few important and top factors that show the high impact on the website when it comes to ranking. Here are Top 10 tips for WordPress SEO in 2020 to be the focus on.

  • Select SEO friendly Theme: 

WordPress is Content Management System, provide a faster way of building a website with readymade templates, known as “Themes”. You can create a website within 10 minutes with the help of the theme. 

At this initial stage, you have the challenge of selecting the correct theme for your website. Selecting an SEO friendly theme gets your half of work done. Now, the questions come into mind What are the terms for selecting SEO-friendly theme? Here is a checklist for SEO-friendly theme.

  1. Valid Coding (HTML/ CSS)
  2. Site Load time or Upload speed
  3. Responsive design
  4. Social media integration
  5. Website Structure
  6. Schema Markup

These are a few points to be considered while selecting the theme for the website. Check a few SEO-friendly themes for making good theme selection. 

  • Setting up of Permalinks:

Permalink is the URL you saw for any post or page, which appears in the URL bar. WordPress provides automatic of permalinks which you can change later. WordPress provides more than 10 permalinks structures but “post name” structure is recommended from the SEO point of view.

Permalinks have great value in the ranking factors because it gives an idea to the user about the content and topic of webpage or post. Using postdate and time in the permalinks shows a negative effect on your Webpage. 

  • Keywords Research:

Keywords research is one of the most important parts of WordPress SEO in 2020. Including the good search volume of keywords attract more organic traffic to the website. It is always recommended to perform keywords research before making a post or page live on the website. For the beginners or newly built website, keywords with medium competition and medium search volume are recommended. 

Many tools offer keywords research but Keywords Planner is the most preferred and recommended tool for the accurate result which is provided by Google. This tool provides keyword search volume, competition and CPC. CPC (cost per click) is useful when you are targeting for advertisement. 

  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages):

AMP is the most preferred and top SEO factor for WordPress SEO in 2020. Accelerated Mobile Pages gives the best experience for mobile users. Websites who have AMP enables for their site perform better for the Mobile devices. As millions of users use smartphones for searching on the web. AMP is the biggest factor for any website to attract more traffic. 

With WordPress optimizing for Accelerated Mobile Pages is quite simple. You just need to install AMP for WP plugin and it will make sure the rest for work done for you. You can check the AMP pages status and numbers under the search console dashboard. It can also show for any AMP page error occurs for the post or page. 

  • Use of SSL/ HTTPS:

If the website using the payment gateways or asking for sensitive information then SSL certificate is must be installed for the website or website must be secure with HTTPS protocol. Enabling SSL to ensure the user the safe browsing and security of the information on the website. 

Lets Encrypt plugin allows user to make the website secure with SSL certificate. Sometimes installing the plugin is not the only option as it also depends on website hosting provider. If hosting provider does not provide SSL certificate then there is no use of the plugin. 

  • Creating High-Quality Content:

Content is always king. Producing high-quality and engaging content gives huge benefit for the website. Quality content is the primary and top priority factor of the SEO of any website. 

Many people’s confused about the content length on a page or post. But it is not necessary to write thousands of words to rank on the search engine. Informative and engaging content attracts more traffic and rank well on the search engine.  

  • Internal Linking is the Key:

Internal linking provides Google best overview of the website and also help to engage the user on the website. Internal linking must be relevant to get a good result. Use of proper anchor text help to make it SEO friendly. 

User can check the internal linking of the website with Google Webmaster dashboard. Internal linking maintain the hierarchy of the website and allows the website owner to give importance to a valuable page or post. Right internal linking strategy can boost Website SEO.  

  • Sitemap Creation and Submission to Webmaster:

Sitemap submission is an essential part of the SEO of any website. Submitting sitemap of the website allows Google to crawl your website quickly and also track the website performance. Before submission, you must create the sitemap with the Sitemap Generator. But for the WordPress, you don’t need to create the sitemap. 

Only need to submit your website to the Google Webmaster and rest things will be done quickly. User can also check the page or post in the webmaster for its index status. The webmaster also gives you overall website performance and any error message if occur. 

  • Schema Markup:

Schema gives additional benefits to rank page or post on the search engine. Schema markup helps search engine to return more informative information to the user.  Schema markup help website to boost on Search engine ranking page. 

With the WordPress, you can not need to be make coding. With the readymade, plugin schema can be added to page or post. The important thing is you must select correct schema for the page or post. All in One Rich Snippet is one of the best and recommended plugin for implementing Schema on the website. 

  • Plugins:

Making WordPress website SEO friendly need few plugins to be activated. Plugins provide functionality for a better result. To track the SEO process and evaluation user must install an SEO plugin name, Yoast. 

Yoast plugin help to check the page or post is optimized for the SEO, It indicates the SEO process with three colours. Green colour indicates perfect SEO, orange colour indicates need improvement in SEO while red color indicate lack of on-page SEO. With the Yoast, there are few plugins that need to be installed for better optmizatio0n of SEO on WordPress. 

Here are a few important SEO plugins:

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. All in One Rich Snippet
  3. All in One SEO Pack
  4. Rank Math
  5. Easy Table of Contents
  6. Broken Link Checker
  7. A3 Lazy Load
  8. Redirection
  9. WP Super Cache
  10. Autoptimize
  11. Anti Spam
  12. Rel NoFollow Checkbox


These are best practises for WordPress SEO in 2020. Making a website user friendly is the best way to boost website ranking and traffic. Tips mentioned above are helpful to build a successful SEO campaign for the WordPress website. With readymade plugins and easy functionality, WordPress is one of the easy platforms for SEO strategies.

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10 Wordpress SEO Tips in 2020 - Beginners Guide
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10 Wordpress SEO Tips in 2020 - Beginners Guide
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