Migrate Wordpress Site to New Host with All in One WP Migration

Migrate WordPress Site to New Host with All in One WP Migration

In this article, we will discuss How to migrate WordPress Site to new Host with the help of All in One WP Migration plugin. Migrating the WordPress site to other destination is quite the annoying task. All in one WP migration is one of the best and free tools to migrate WordPress site. Check the ServMask If you are looking for a paid extension of this plugin.

Here is the step-by-step process of migrating website from one source to another destination:

  • Install the Plugin:

All in one WP Migration plugin is available on the official WordPress site. Also, You can download it directly from your WordPress dashboard from the plugin section.

Dashboard-> Plugin-> add new

wordpress dashbaord
All in One WP Migration

You can also download the Zip file of All in One WP migration and upload it in your WordPress dashboard. After installing the WP migration plugin click on activate. You can access the plugin from the WordPress Main Menu.

WP Migration plugin
  • Export the Website:

As you see in the picture, All in One WP migration plugin does not have more setting options, it has a very simple approach to migrate WordPress site. It provides three options export, import and backup. Yes, You can also take a backup of the website with the use of WP migration plugin.

It provides a simple process because All in One WP migration plugin only export the site content and database, not the WordPress. Keep remembering this while migrating your WordPress site to a new domain or to a new host. When you are migrating the WordPress site make sure that WordPress is already installed at the destination

To begin with the export of the site, simply click on the All in One WP migration plugin from the dashboard and click on export.

Export site

By simpling clicking on Export To, your website all content will be the start exported. If you want to exclude a few sections like plugins, spam comments, media and others then click on Advanced options, you will see the options as below,

Advanced option

Here you can tick the option whichever you want to exclude from the export and then click on Export To. It’s worth and recommended to exclude spam comments from being export. 

Keep in mind that with the free version of All in One WP migration plugin you can only export to file, if you want to get the benefit of other options then you must go for the paid version. 

Files option

Depending on the size of your website plugin may take time to prepare the export file. Large size websites may take more time to prepare a file. After preparing the file, you will see the download button to download the file. 

The prepared file is also stored in the backup section of All in One WP migration plugin. After finishing with the export process, download the file to your local device and your website data is ready to move to other host or domain. 

  • Import the Website:

You have data to export now, whether you export data from one to another host, from one domain to other domain, the process is still the same.  

At the staring of importing data, you must install WordPress to a new site.  If you are migrating WordPress site to a new domain or to the new host and want to avoid the downtime then first import the website to a new destination and then change the nameservers. This will help you to avoid downtime. 

Install the All in One WP migration plugin to newly created WordPress site. Once you finish with installing plugin click on the import option under the plugin. 

Import data

As you see in the image the maximum upload size is 64MB. You can increase it with the paid extension or simply click on Get unlimited.

Now select the file, once you select the file plugin will start preparing the uploading and storing the file. Keep in Note that if you have previous data on the website is will be replaced with the newly imported file. Once the process is finished you will see the message of imported Successfully as below.

Successfully Import data

Points to Remember:

  1. All in One Migration plugin has a built-in limit of uploading is 512MB. For the larger sites, you must go for a purchase option.
  2. All data on the destination site will be replaced with imported data.
  3. To avoid downtime, must import data to the destination site and then change the nameservers.

Advantages of All in One WP Migration WordPress migration plugin

  1. Migrate 100% website to another location.
  2. Migrate WordPress site to new domain.
  3. Migrate WordPress site to the new host.
  4. Easy for use and quick migration.
  5. Option to rewrite URL automatically if the domain is changing.
  6. Upload in chunks to get around any upload limits that your host has set.

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