Conventional telephone networks are not ideal today for workplaces. With the help of smartphones, you can only make individual calls but it is not ideal for the workplaces and corporate use. Managing the business phone calls from your personal phone number is very annoying and unprofessional and not a good idea as a privacy concern.  

This is the reason established businesses and startups move towards virtual phone system applications. The best thing about virtual phone systems is it allows you to use the same number on different systems like desktops, laptops and smartphones.  You can easily share the same number in the workplace, forward the calls and record voice commands. 

Virtual business phone numbers can set up easily and quickly and you don’t need to have the technical knowledge to do it. Simply download the app on your system and you can start working with unique numbers.  

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When you need Virtual Business Numbers?

Nowadays, businesses have an online presence and customers need to be reached out to them easily and quickly. Communication tools such as text message, support tickets and chat are useful but it takes more time and does not have a human touch, customers need to spend time on typing their issue, it puts limitations on resolving queries. You need to address customers quickly and virtual phone numbers exactly do that. 

The days are gone when having a landline number is enough, in today’s competition you must quickly respond to your customers and using a personal number is not a good idea to address customers. 

This is where business phone numbers help you. It comes with the many benefits such as

  1. Use the same number on different systems such as laptops, mobile phones and desktops.
  2. One number can be shared among all employees. 
  3. Recording, call forwarding, business hours and many features can manage with the virtual phone application. 

In this article, We will discuss the popular and best virtual phone system applications that make your work place easy to work. 

Virtual Phone System Applications

Nextiva is a popular business phone number service provider in the market. It makes it easier to manage virtual phone numbers across different systems. You can use a local number with the Nextiva app and get HD voice calling over VoIP. You can also get business phone numbers for different geographic locations. 

Nextiva comes up with amazing features such as call forwarding, voice commands, call analytics and managing business hours. 

A grasshopper is a good option for startups and small businesses. It comes up with the mobile application, so you can manage phone numbers on different systems from any location. They offer virtual business numbers, local numbers, verified numbers and toll-free numbers for any region and service. 

One of the best advantages of using Grasshopper is you can separate business calls and personal calls on the same device.  Grasshopper comes up with essentials features like call recording, call forwarding, business texting, voice mails and many more.

If you are looking for a budget and affordable virtual phone system application then is the best option for you. Their plans are affordable and best for startups, small and local businesses. offers cheaper call rates to some European countries and Canada. Consider those calls in local calls. They also offer pay per call plans which are definitely the best option for small and local businesses. Coming to features like other applications offers call recording, forwarding, IVR menus, text messaging and many more. 

Google Voice is a free virtual phone system application helpful for small businesses. With G Suite you can easily integrate all Google apps including Google voice which you are using for your business. Google voice has a plan for individual users to get business numbers and can call to US and Canada for free. 

While the personal plan does not provide the features compared to business plans such as desk phone support. 

If you are looking for international coverage then eVoice is a good option for you. eVoice plans include a call management system, outbound calling, conference calling and many more. You can also get custom business phone numbers for the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States and many other countries. 

eVoice plans to come up with a different number of users’ addition and call minutes. Call forwarding rates are different based on the number on call to be forwarded and location of the forwarded call. eVoice offers business phone numbers, toll-free numbers and virtual numbers as well. 

These are some of the sorted and popular Virtual phone system applications for small and large businesses. Based on the requirement, you can select the best application for your business.   

5 Best Virtual Phone System Applications for Your Business
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5 Best Virtual Phone System Applications for Your Business
Virtual phone system applications are useful for businesses to connect with customers quickly. Here are 5 best application for the businesses.
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