How Traffic Exchange Sites Affect Your Website

What is Traffic Exchange Sites

Traffic exchange sites are those site in which you visit others site and they visit your site. Some of the examples are BlogX and EasyHits4U. Let me elaborate. First, you sign up on these sites then they asked you to open some sites by entering some captcha, hold on the site for some time (approx 15 to 30 Sec) and then visit another site. This process will continue until you close the browser tab or window. I short you open sites and others open your site and you got Hundreds of Visitors. The more website you open, the more visitors you got for your website.

traffic exchange

Many Bloggers used the technique of traffic exchange to increase website visitors for free but it is not a good way to increase the website traffic.

The intention of sharing is to warn the new bloggers, who used traffic exchange sites to get more visitors in a short time. Increasing website traffic is not a short term process, you must provide quality content so that user visits your website and spend genuine time over it. Its a process of gain trust of the user.

Why You should not use Traffic Exchange Sites

  • Fake Visitors to the Website/ Wrong Audience

Yes, you heard correctly, the visits are not real. There is a chance of user used bots to these sites (only when captcha is not required). The real user is rarely looking for it. Let me tell you my experience, What I observed, I used one traffic exchange site, I visit one website spend some time on it (very less 10 to 15-sec max), close that tab and open other sites, I repeat same procedure till getting bored with it. After spending my valuable 1 hour to do such useless work, I got 120 visitors to my website. No doubt they are fake visitors and that affect my website ranking and trust in Google’s eyes.

Might be you do this work for a few hours and you can get hundreds of visits to your website but its nothing more than fake visits and you will regret it. One who thinks about the long term in blogging must avoid the use of these free traffic exchange sites. Provide quality and regular content to the user and earn some real visitors.

  • Increase in Bounce Rate

Let me explain what is the bounce rate for those who are not aware of it. Bounce rate is the percentage of users who visit the site and leave the site (Bounce) rather than continue to view the other pages of the same site or spend less time on site and exit from it. As I mentioned above the maximum time user spend on site is 25 sec when you are using free traffic exchange site and that will increase your bounce rate.

So when you get thousands of visitors with the average session rate in 30 Sec, your website bounce rate in also increase which you have to maintain as much as low possible. Increasing the bounce rate will affect your website ranking. If you won’t avoid use of traffic exchanging site your bounce rate is bound to increase.

If you want to check what is your website bounce rate then you can check with the Google Analytic tool. For that, you must have the analytic account for your website.

  •  Fake Visitors do not care about your site

Users of the free traffic exchange sites visit multiple sites in a single session. What is the change of they stop on your site and spend more time on your website? I think only 2 to 3%. What they want is only have more visitors to their site so they move quickly from one site to another site. Nobody in a traffic exchange cares about sites they only care and interested in increase more and more visitors to the site. This result in hundreds and thousands of fake visitors only.

Used of these sites is waste of time, So leave these sites and try to optimize your site for the search engine which will provide you a better result.

  •  Affect Search Engine Visibility

If you are using free traffic exchange website for long period then it will affect on website’s search engine visibility. It has very less chance to rank your website on google as the trust of your website is getting low.

Many bloggers monetize website to earn through it but if you are using traffic exchange site then it has less chance to earn more money because if you want user clicked on ads of the website then you have to build trust with the user.

Pros and Cons of Using Free Traffic Exchange Site


  • Get hundreds of visitors for free.
  • Promote your site.
  • You May get loyal readers if your content is good.
  • You may get good ideas and design from other websites you visit.
  • Get more impressions and clicks.
  • Advertisers may buy ad space on your website.
  • Your readers might promote your sites on their own social media channels.
  • Promote your affiliate links to improve sales.
  • You may find a site with the same niche for a guest post in future.
  • You can get useful information from other sites.


  • It takes a lot of time and may you wonder it is really worth or not.
  • You might buy points from traffic exchange site but it is useless and waste on money. It is better to pay for PPC ads that can give you a result.
  • Google Adsense does not approve sites which uses traffic exchange site to increase traffic, this might be the unknown reason for banned Adsense ads on the website.
  • Some traffic exchange site required to surf at least 2 to 3 sites before you get a one-page view.
  • Unpopular traffic exchange site is useless, it can give you only 15 to 20 visits.
  • People who join traffic exchange site does not pay attention to the website pages or content.
  • Some sites use bots to visit that means you did not get even single view after giving effort.
  • If they asked to put a code on your site, you may have less chance to rank your website on Google.
  • You may lose your time in visiting sites which you can utilize for blog writing for your website.
  • You can lose focus on Organic traffic which is best and free also.
  • Many websites asked you for sign up to the website that takes you more time.
  • The number of visitors coming from such programs reduces after some amount of time.


A traffic exchange is a good idea but only for Short Term. It is useful to aware people about your website but after that, you need to focus on Quality and Regular Content Writing for the website, which gives you result in long term process. Many bloggers used traffic exchanging site and experienced the difference and later left it. So, it’s a better option to focus on Organic Traffic and increase visitors who are loyal and genuine.

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