How to improve Google My Business Listing?

Well, improving your local presence is not rocket science at all. Now, Every small business is listed on Google My Business. But only listed for local businesses is enough? the answer is absolute “No“. Google My Business is a key factor for local business but only for those who come in the top 5 results in GMB. If you want to explore more then you must click on more places, which I think very few people can do. In this article, We will discuss simple and easy tips to apply tips to improve Google Business listing.

  • Include Service Keyword in Title

Many people or SEO expert suggest users focus reviews to improve your Google My Business ranking. I do not deny it. Reviews help your Google My Business Account to rank but if you include your service keyword in Title and it will boost your business ranking more quickly. Here is a real example of highlighting keyword in the title.

Improve Google My Business Ranking

You can check how HumsafarIndia GMB listed on top of the list without a single review. You just need to identify the service keywords for your business (off-course its local keywords) and can mention it in Google My Business Title and Description.

You can Also Check Advanced SEO techniques to boost the ranking

Well, the question comes into mind, should I include more than one service keyword? Yes, Google My Business offers up to 80 characters length for a business name, So you can use more than one keyword bit make sure name must be less than 80 characters.

  • Includes Google My Business Post

Google Posts are almost like Social Media posts that also include in the Google search results for your Google My Business listings.

To post in your Google My Business listing, you must log in to your GMB account and create post from your GMB dashboard as described below,

Google My business post cretion

With Google My Business posts, you can add images, Call-to-action and also include the link to an external site.

If you are not sure what kind of post you can include in Google My Business Post section? then here are few tips

  1. If you are planning for an event, then you can include event details like date, time and venue and other details in the post followed by a link to your call-to-action page like registration, sign-up and book now.
  2. You are organising Sale then include details of the sale and create Sale event post.
  3. Do you want to boost your blog post? then include a short description with image and blog post link in GMB post.
  4. For E-commerce business include the details and give the link of your product to the product page.
  5. Planning to give the offer to the users? include offer details and make a post.

With your creative mind possibilities with the post are endless! Post help you to reach your potential customers. don’t miss, the opportunity to stand out taller than your competitors.

Pro Tip: Image get more attention to your post and prefer 720 x 720 pixels

  • Add Specific services to Google My Business Listing

Let your audience know what kind of services you offers. With Primary category, you can also add more services in your listings. Also, you can create custom services if your service is not listed in the suggested service list.

Google My Business Services

In the latest update of Google My Business, Google includes an additional set of hours for the below services:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Pick Up
  3. Happy Hours
  4. Take Out
  5. Delivery

Looking at the service type, Google offers additional hours for the above services. You can add specific hours from the GMB dashboard from the Info Section.

Google My Business More Hours


To improve google my business ranking, you can use the features provided by the GMB dashboard. Make sure you can identify which features are helpful for your business and plan it to involve in your process.

Apart from the above techniques, GMB also offers features like massaging, products and photos but these three tips are more helpful to rank your listing.

If you are managing multiple Google My Business accounts, then you can use Google’s API v4.1 to add a description and offer post more easily. Hope these features can help you to grow your business with the help of Google My business listing.

3 tips that defintely improve Google My Business Listing - Proven Tips
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3 tips that defintely improve Google My Business Listing - Proven Tips
Listing on Google My Business is not enough although you optimize it for better ranking. Here are the tips to improve Google My Business Listing.
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