Digital Transformation

Digital transformation revolutionaries your business operations and ensure longevity in your industry/ niche. Remember, good strategy always feels like magic. You might be thinking how digital transformation affects you, well, it’s not just about converting leads from your website, not just adding digital marketing strategy into your plan. Digital Transformation is the constant process of modifying your strategies to meet with your business and customer needs. 

You might observe the increasing scope of digital marketing during the pandemic and also the digital transformation in the last few years. In this article, we will discuss ideas and steps to be taken to transform your business and ensure the longevity of your business. 

Step1: Analysis, Do you need Digital Transformation?

In today’s scenario, you need to compete digitally. It’s necessary. Having a website or old age plan is not enough to bit your competitors. You must ask a few questions to identify the need for digital transformation.

Do you need more online presence?

If your business is not online, do you need to take it online?

Are you offering the services which are online already?

Are your competitors’ strategies better than you?

Are you ready to change?

If your answer to any question is Yes, then your analysis is right, you need digital transformation.

Step 2: Discover

This is the first step of digital transformation. The strategist and marketing expert deep dive into your business working and conduct a survey of modules in order to make strong recommendations. Make sure your previous strategies and plans are on the table that makes the process smoother and quicker.  Discovery phase is pointing out the scope of improvement and making an actionable plan to implement the recommendations. 

Step 3: Identify your Goals and Outcomes

A clear understanding of where you stand now and where you want to go makes it easier to prepare an actionable plan. Identify your goals and find out what experience you want to give to your customers? 

Remember to focus on long term plans. Be clear and ambitious with your vision and mission. A digital transformation provides longevity to your business. 

Step 4: Gap Analysis in Necessary

You know your current position and must know where you want to reach. Identify the gaps and opportunities between these two steps and implement them. Consider What areas need to be focused? What is the lack in the process? What resources and information need to be updated?

A good approach is not about summing all the areas. It’s about identifying the gaps and filling them up with opportunities. Close the gaps and connect it with dots. 

Step 5: Create Roadmap

You have to mark the goal and examine the gap between the customer and your business. Now you can create a roadmap to achieve your vision. Map out your process and how you will go with your plan. It may include reforming structure, skilled employees or recruiting a new one. Your roadmap should highlight your goals and objectives.

Keep in mind that your roadmap is actionable and focus on your objectives to make a digital transformation. 

Step 6: Develop

Actual solution for your business. The most important step of digital transformation. At this stage, all the preparation is completed. It’s a clear and actionable plan that needs to be executed properly. This is the step where you can show your potential to execute it. 

This step is useful for convincing the benefit of digital transformation for your business. When the solution is implemented successfully the expected outcome is delivered. 

Step 7:  Outcome and Monitoring

Analyze the digital transformation outcome and how it gives benefit to your business. It might be an expected outcome in terms of a higher conversion rate. After getting the outcome, an important thing is to track and monitor the overall process. Monitoring the numbers and expected result obtained or not. Overall, digital transformation is a continuous process to deliver good outcomes. 


Developing a digital strategy is a lengthy process but it is important to build a strong foundation for the digital transformation. One who adopts it has a bright and long future for their business. 

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