Social Media Management tools

Social Media Management Tools

Social Media presence is as important as providing brilliant content to the audience. Consistency is important with the evergreen content. Providing useful content to the audience is not enough, you must interact with the audience and address their issues and queries. During the process, you might have new ideas as well and sweet feedback as well. 

There are many well known social media networks and off course, you are also part of it. Few new one also rising which have potential and help in your future growth. With this scenario, it is impossible to manage all the handles manually and it takes a lot of time. Fortunately, there are a few best tools available in the market that makes your Social life easier. Let’s discuss the few best Social media management tools that will be helpful for you. 

Created by Ryan Holmes in 2008, Hootsuite proved to be the best Social media management tool. Hootsuite is the best option to handle multiple social media networks from a single dashboard. Starting with the free account you can explore Hootsuite’s various features. It offers integration with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Youtube and LinkedIn. 

The good thing about Hootsuite is you need to install it on your system, you can access it directly from your web browser. With the free account, you can add only three social media accounts and also every Facebook business page you integrate is considered as separate social media profile. 

Hootsuite allows you to access multiple social media accounts without login to them. If you access Hootsuite Podium, some free online social media courses are also accessible to develop your social media management skills and techniques. Six free online courses offer fundamentals of social media management along with the certificate of completion. 

Core Features:

  1. Monitor Social media accounts.
  2. Analyze your Social media account performance.
  3. Create and manage advertising campaigns.
  4. Easily create, curate, review, and publish content.
  5. Engage the audience. 
  6. Apps and Integrations.

If you want to go beyond Scheduling the post then Sprout Social will be a great option for you. Sprout Social not only schedules your post but also provides detailed reports and keyword searches within the single stream. Sprout Social provides support for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn Social Networking platforms. Schedule the post and monitor social networks activity, Sprout Social also offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS.

Sprout Social includes social listening and influencer identification features, and also customer relationship management (CRM) functionality for the social media networks. The company offers 30 days of the hassle-free trial without integrating your debit or credit card.  If you are looking for the best tool with a mixture of management and analytics then Sprout Social is for you. 

Core Features:

  1. Customise post for each social media platform
  2. Preview Instagram grid with mobile App
  3. Notification for fail messages and repost option
  4. Sprout Extension to schedule your post from the browser
  5. Identify the best time for best and targeted niche
  6. Optimize brand keywords
  7. Delete or hide the comments
  8. Export sent message report

Buffer is yet another best social media management tool to maintain social media presence and schedule your post. Track your audience activity with the analytic tool and find out the best time for getting better engagement for your post. Buffer also comes up with a Chrome browser extension to integrate with and get a quick response. Simple UI, easy to manage your social media account and easy setup make Buffer the most preferred Social media managing tool.

With the free account, you can use 3 social accounts with one user and schedule 10 posts. If you have more use then must go for the paid plan. You can connect popular social media networks with the Buffer like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Core Features:

  1. Analytics dashboard for your post
  2. Automated publishing of the posts
  3. Manage Content published on social media networks.
  4. Schedule post on social media accounts
  5. RSS Feed Connectivity
  6. Share your Social profile
  7. Manage multiple posts and tweets

Sendible Social media management tool is specifically designed for agency use. If you are a social media management agency then Sendible is for you. For small businesses and enterprises, it will be the best option. 

The good thing about sensible is it not only supports big social media networks but also covers a small one. Like Foursquare, blogger, WordPress, Delicious. You can also make a content queue where you can add posts in bulk. Then schedule that post and it will be posted on a specific time.  Managing your post with the calendar view is one of the best features of Sendible.

Analytics and reporting are very powerful in Sendible and can be customized whatever you like to see. It offers a variety of templates to analyze the engagement. Coming to the price, Sendible is a bit of a high-cost tool but completely perfect tool for the agencies. 

Core Features:

  1. Plan your content in one place.
  2. Preview your social media posts.
  3. Create reports within a minute.
  4. Built stronger communities with Social listening.
  • Coschedule

Coschedule is the best editorial calendar to manage your social media activity. It gives ideas about new blog posts and schedules the post as well.  Coschedule offers three types of products: Blog calendar to manage your blog and social media, Marketing calendar to schedule and manage your marketing activities and third is Marketing Suite which contains 5 marketing products to manage your team and projects. 

It offers 14 days of trial for the new registration, after that you need to go for the paid version and it is worth it to pay for the service.  More than content planning, it helps you to organize your content and make it better with headline analyzer. It allows groups of people to work under a single tool. 

Core Features:

  1. Come up with Google Chrome Extension
  2. Headline Analyzer to make the content better.
  3. Convert your Evernote and Google Doc file to WordPress. 


According to the requirement and use, you can go for the social media management tool and also take a free trial to check compatibility with your purpose. There are many other tools also available in the market for content publishing and post scheduling but these 5 tools are the best and most recommended tool for content management and scheduling. 

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