SEO is one of the best digital marketing strategies for brand recognition and to improve organic traffic to the website and ranking as well. Still, Many SEO professionals fail to achieve expected results because of ignoring basic practises that help to build a good SEO campaign. Silly SEO mistakes and that end up in failure in achieving the result. 

Google algorithms have more than 200 factors that are considered to measure the website SEO friendliness. It is almost impossible to make your website up to mark for all 200 SEO factors but we can get good results with delivering user-friendly structure. Yes, You heard right, The website who are user friendly and engaging content rank faster on Google. After all, the sole purpose of Google is to provide correct and relevant information to the user. 

In this article, we will discuss silly SEO mistakes that end up with bad results for the website.

Common SEO Mistakes

Not Fixing Broken Links

Broken links make a huge impact on your website performance and on user experience as well. Avoiding broken links will increase the bounce rate of the website and decrease page trust (technically “Authority”) of the website. 

Broken links not only affect the visibility of a website but also result in increased the bounce rate of the website, in simple words, end up in unhappy visitors. 

Broken links backlink with external links or broken external link linking with your domain (called a backlink) shows negative impact on website SEO performance. It is recommended to conduct regular website audits to resolve the broken link issue to make it user friendly. 

Less or Poor quality Content

Another silly mistake is publishing less or poor quality content on the website. Google loves to push the content that is useful for users. Plagiarised content can hit your website hard and may result in penalizing your website. Not 1% of plagiarized content is allowed or recommended from Google. 

Pages with few lines of content are also difficult to rank in SERP. Proving more in-depth information and trusted sources is highly recommended for best SEO practices.

Targeting Wrong Keywords

Many SEO professionals make this mistake, if you’re selling the wrong product to your customers then it will end up in killing your business. Many times SEO professionals do keyword research from a business perspective but it is necessary to do it from your client’s customer perspective. 

Start with longtail, low competition and low search keywords and then open up the next level with an increasing focus on high competition or high search volume keywords. You can also refer to the Google Keyword Planner tool to find out relevant and exact search volume keywords. 

Lack of Interlinking

The basic job of an SEO professional is to engage users on the website. Interlinking does this smartly and also helps in SEO. Lack of interlinking will fail to engage users and also shows poor SEO practises. Internal linking is one of the most important factors of Google ranking algorithms.

Authoritative links provide value to your content. It helps users to take you seriously and also guides Google that you are sharing trusted information. However many times SEO professionals are excited for the external links and give less importance to internal links. 

Internal links are a great way to boost SERP ranking, here are some benefits of internal links:

  1. Google bot can easily crawl your website. 
  2. Provide trusted and in-depth information to the user.
  3. Drive traffic to the pages of your website and engage users on the website. 

Not using Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Well, these are the two most important SEO tools that must be integrated into your website to measure SEO performance and result. Search Console is used to track errors and updates of SEO work while Google Analytics is used to track visitors to your website. 

Ignoring these two tools is like firing blinding on the field. If you don’t know how to analyze your website performance and people’s behaviour on your website then we can not make an actionable working plan to grow the website.

Many SEO professionals make that mistake because there are a lot of other tools in the market who work similarly but they are not giving the best result. Use of Google Search Console and Google Analytics helps Google to rank your website. 

Not Updating Content

This is a common mistake every SEO professional makes while starting working on a website. Change is necessary, even Google changes their algorithm frequently. So you should be. 

Here are content types you need to focus on for updation:

  1. Outdated Content: According to market changes and trend changes update the content. 
  2. Incorrect Content: Coming up of new information and research found old content incorrect.
  3. Irrelevant Content: Changes in Google understanding and changes in the market. 
  4. Devalued Content: With Google Algorithm changes content getting devalued, must update it. 

Content is not a one-time goal, once published and forget about it. Many times as time passes keywords are out of usage, therefore you should keep your eye on your pages. Remove old content or update it with new information. Updating or replacing old content will be appreciated from Google and rewards in the improvement of ranking. 


If you are thinking about traffic then SEO is not only a single option must work on the content and social presence as well. SEO is not a daily and a few month processes of doing on-page SEO once and then building backlinks continuously. But it’s a process of finding opportunities to make your website better from a user point of view. Content with other quality websites with relevant information, not a link spamming. Quality is always preferred than quantity. 

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6 Silly SEO Mistakes that Pushing Down your Website in 2020
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6 Silly SEO Mistakes that Pushing Down your Website in 2020
SEO is one of the important things for the website. While ignoring common practices can push down the website. Here are silly SEO mistakes many people make.
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