All You Need to Know About How to Secure Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone Security – A Necessity

Today the mobile phone become a necessary part of our life. Our 70% work rely on smartphones. The latest technology and more features smartphone occupy computers space. From Day Scheduling to Buying, paying bills, connecting to the world with internet all the task get done with the mobile phone. But the very few people aware of the security of the digital data and device as well.

It is likely that by 2020, latest smartphone users will be increased rapidly up to 6 billion all over the world. So the dependency of people’s on the smartphone is also increased. The most important thing is we make banking transaction with the mobile phone, so it must be safe and secure. Today we will discuss the security of Mobile Device.

How Mobile Phone getting affected?

A pocket-sized computer which can connect to the internet has a high possibility of a cyber attack. The good thing is that mobile malware is still uncommon and it has only 8% chance of malware attack. Because of mobile operating on more customize system, it is difficult for hackers to infect it. It has a ratio of 40:1 compares with the desktop device.
As the mobile users increasing rapidly it is an alarming note for every user as there is a 27% increase in new mobile malware in last year, report stated by McAfee. So the securing your mobile phone it must be a top priority either for personal or business use.

Types of Mobile Phone Malware

Types of smartphone malware are many and varying, here are some types mention and highlighted.

  1. Mobile Spyware:
    This type of malware begin the program and secretly watch the activity of the smartphone. It records sensitive information like location, Passwords, important files and contacts. A user may grant it permission by downloading an application from unknown sources. The big thing is the user cannot identify or even know about the running status of spyware.
  2. Rooting Malware:
    Rooting malware are the bugs which gain your root access to give privileges to the hackers to get administrative access and to the user files as well. Some Rooting malware able to root themselves in the system folder, so that factory reset can’t able to remove it.
  3. Banking Trojans:
    As mobile banking grows rapidly the work and responsibilities of cybersecurity also getting an increase. Kaspersky Lab mobile security products reported 42.7 million attempted mobile malware attacks in 2017, up from 40 million in 2016 including mobile banking Trojans and mobile advertising Trojans. The main purpose of this trojan is to steal users banking credentials.
  4. SMS Malware:
    Mostly the Postpaid user getting more damage with this malware. This malware sends premium text message repeatedly without users prior permission until user receives brain shocking bill at the end.

Android Vs Ios

andriod vs IOs

Android OS is the main target of these Mobile Phone Malware. According to the report, 19 million malware specially created for Andriod OS. The reason behind it Andriod dominance in the global market; inconsistency of regular updates and open system for distribution of App.
Apple Ios is not entirely safe. The hackers unfiltered the App Store of a Counterfeit version of Apple Xcode software to the developer. So that they can able to steal data and send the fake alert to the users to compromised devices. Jailbroken iPhones are at the high risk of malware attack because of user wish to jailbreak their phones to give access to the free apps.

What are the Signs of Malware Attack on Mobile Phone?

If a computer gets infected with the virus or malware, it may be easy to identify something getting wrong with the system but in the case of smartphones, it is not a possibility. The sign of infection on the mobile phone may be harder to identify.
A key factor to identify it is to check your device is suddenly operates more slowly or your smartphone battery drains more rapidly than usual. A noticeable and sudden drop in the performance of the mobile phone is the only way to identify it.
One more way of identifying infection is a sudden increase in data usage it because the virus may use your internet in order to transmit your data without your permission in the background.
A sudden increase in monthly bills may be a cause of infection as some malware make money from sending premium tests from your mobile phone without your notice. But it has fewer chances.

How to Remove Mobile Phone Malware?

If you suspect that your smartphone is getting infected then what steps you can take?

First, we will see for the Andriod OS.
Start the process by putting your mobile phone on the Safe Mode, the Safe mode will stop/disable working of all third-party apps. If your device can work smoothly after putting in safe mode then you are 100% sure that it causes of Virus infection. Then go to the setting tab and app section and scan the apps which you have doubt or else you can remove it manually.

How do you remove a virus from an iPhone?
As Ios malware is very rare than the Andriod OS but the attack is still possible. But the good thing is Ios Sandbox structure restrict access to every app, prevent any malware before spreading and corrupting other apps.
First, check for the new version of App in the App store as the problem may be identified and resolved with the latest update. If not, you can remove the app from your device by uninstalling it.

Tips for Securing Your Mobile Phone

  • Be wary of public WiFi hotspots.
  • Do not jailbreak or root your device.
  • Only download apps from the official app stores.
  • Update your operating system.
  • Encrypt your device.
  • Review your access permissions.

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