Pre-wedding shoot in Mumbai

The first thing to think about when choosing a location is your love story, including how you met, where you went on your first date, where you went on your first vacation, where you saw having a good first cinematic experience around each other, and where the proposal was made.

Mumbai has everything you might want for your pre-wedding photo session, whether you’re seeking old-world charm or a romantic atmosphere. Because of Mumbai’s pre-wedding photo sites’ variety, you can even carry out highly imaginative shots. 

Mumbai is more than simply a utopian city. Additionally, it is a city with amazing architecture, historic locations, and modern centers.

This city is ideal for your pre-wedding photo session since it allows you to bring your happy dreams to life.

Pre-wedding photo shoots aren’t just a fad or a passing phase; they’re almost a must, so you can’t afford to do it wrong.if you want to book a professional photographer contact us Wedding Diaries by OMP.

To assist you in creating better memories, we’ve chosen several well-known and other lesser-known underrated shoot settings which will leave you speechless. Check out these incredible places with us.

Hanging Gardens 

The continuously blooming Hanging Gardens should be on your list of pre-wedding photo shoot locations in Mumbai. Before the big day, couples like to pose and have their pictures taken in this romantic location. 

The plant sculptures give one of Mumbai’s most stunning locations for pre-wedding photo shoots a dramatic touch. Don’t forget to take pictures along Nepean Sea Road in the area. The early mornings and late afternoons are particularly beautiful here.

Imagica Theme Park.

There aren’t many places in Mumbai for young-at-heart couples to have pre-wedding photo shoots that are this vibrant. 

Come here to take leisurely rides with the person you will have as a companion for the rest of your life. 

And as you two carelessly laugh, let the photographer take some candid pictures. Even in bright sunlight, this location is attractive, but illuminated theme parks are still romantic.

Marine Drive

The promenade known as “The Queen’s Necklace” has been used for numerous filming locations. And even over time, the charm endures. It makes sense why it is one of the most well-known photo shoot locations in Mumbai.

Marine Drive is undoubtedly a well-liked location for these shoots because it has the ocean on one side, which seems to go on forever. Due to the view of the Arabian Sea and the picturesque city skyline, it is one of the most popular and lovely pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Mumbai.

Ellora caves

These Lord Shiva cave temples are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These small caverns are an ideal site for pre-wedding photo shoots since they allow you to take a variety of images against a variety of backdrops. 


A romantic picture session would be perfect on the rocky shore at the end of the street, which is home to houses and bungalows owned by well-known Bollywood actors. 

The Bandstand provides a variety of record backdrops, including a little garden, a fort, the sea, and the Sea Link. One of Mumbai’s most beautiful locations for photo shoots is the Bandstand.

 Juhu Beach

Sand between your toes, your significant other in your arms. Some distant spots away from the main Juhu beach might function as your posing grounds. Enjoy the day with your significant other at this Mumbai beach location for a pre-wedding photo shoot. If the beach you’ve chosen is busy, a morning shoot is recommended.

Murud-Janjira Fort

At Murud-Janjira, you can feel nature beckoning you with its beautiful beaches and majestic forts. You will be hard pressed to locate a background with such gorgeous scenery and lush foliage. 

The magnificent palm trees that surround the fort may be used to enhance the photo.

Asiatic Library 

The Asiatic Library was created in the nineteenth century in the Greek Revival style. The pillars, staircase, and highway in front make for one of the most beautiful pre-wedding photo opportunities in Mumbai.

 Because the structure is all stunning white, wear bright colors to make the images jump out and seem welcoming. The injection is most effective in the early morning hours.

Central Park

Couples and photographers alike will like Navi Mumbai’s Central Park since it offers stunning natural surroundings for the perfect snap.

 Consider having your portrait shot in front of a sea of soothing natural colors. It doesn’t seem like a happy place, does it? 

It is lush and in full bloom all year, and shooting here will be an exceptionally enjoyable experience due to the amazing chattering of birds.


Flamingo Point in Sewri is an excellent setting for pre-wedding photography, with flamingos playing an important role. Also, it is preferable to wait until just before sunset for the best photo.

Azad Maidan

If you’re looking for a peaceful, hidden area to cuddle up with your significant other for a photo shoot, Azad Maidan is a fantastic option. 

More than 22 acres of open space are available, and the magnificent domes of Victoria Terminus may be seen in the distance (now CST). 

If you arrive early in the morning, you may have the entire area to yourself, with no interruptions, weird glances, or others photobombing your backdrops. You’ll have perfect lighting at that time to photograph yourself and your significant other against the magnificent backdrop of this place.

Ballard Estate

If you’re more captivated by the iconic European architecture of wooden houses, cobblestone streets, palaces, and forts, the luxurious Ballard Estate is the ideal pre-wedding photography backdrop near Mumbai for an amazing and thrilling session with your significant other. 

Many of Mumbai’s major monuments, like the Gateway of India and the Prince of Wales Museum, were designed by George Wittet, who erected Victorian-era buildings in this calm yet affluent region.

Kala Ghoda

This site gives your photos a creative background because it is home to several art events, the largest of which is the Kala Ghoda Festival. It’s a vintage hotspot as well, and a beetle looks stunning there. 

At Kala Ghoda, early mornings are just as effective as orange nights for photo shoots.

Pre-wedding images are extremely valuable and useful since they portray a wide range of events and remain with you as a beautiful memory for the rest of your life. 

Pre-wedding photo shoots were once a luxury reserved for a select few couples, but as more and more people realize the value of preserving special moments before tying the knot for life, they have started to rank highly on the list of things to get done before the big day.

Your personalities play a critical part in any pre-wedding preparation. Because the results will undoubtedly be the best if the shoot is tailored to your personality, the greatest. 

When selecting the venue, keep in mind that your theme should be in line with your choice of site; if it is not, the final images will undoubtedly suffer.. The weather and time of year of the wedding should not be overlooked when choosing the destination for the pre-wedding shoot. Your photos will be significantly impacted by the weather.

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