Microsoft Wireless Surface Earbuds

Microsoft- Wireless Surface Earbuds

microsoft surface headphone

Technology is getting more sharper and competition in making new gadgets is also huge. Yes, you heard it correct, Microsoft planning to overtake Apple with the new wireless Surface Earbuds. Microsoft is working on the technology and very soon we can see the wireless surface earbuds in the market. The sources could not confirm the price of earbuds yet. According to the source, the earbuds will likely to include the Cortana integration and noise cancellation.

About the Wireless technolgoy

Many companies like Jabra and Bose try to get market of Apple’s Airbuds but they could not make the right balance between Size, Price, Sound and Reliability and it not been quite as simple as to use as Apple’s option.

Microsoft has started selling his first surface branded audio gear, the wireless surface headphone in the last year. They have a clever control scheme and sharp audio performance. But the reason they could not getting popular because of the price Microsoft offer, they are quite expensive and the sound quality is not as good as compared to the price.

On a Note of Microsoft Wireless Surface Earbuds

As Apple has tremendous hardware selling of Airpods now Microsoft has also come into the market to answer to Apple’s Airpods. After the last year announcement of surface headphones, Microsoft is now working on the wireless surface earbuds.

Amazon hope that successfull pair of microsoft surface earbuds help them to get more people into its Cortana smart assistant infrastrcture. Tighly intigrating with the its buds with the windows ecosysytem help them to get more for the non-apple users.

Amazon might make Apple’s Airpod Competitor too

As I said earlier, the competition is the making of new gadgets is very high, Amazon also thinking and planning about making of wireless earbuds.

Alexa spends most of the time in the home on eco devices but the report says that a pair of Alexa powered wireless earbuds is on its way in the mid of 2019.

As consider the Amazon latest moves, it makes a lot of things happen, As new Kindle has nor Bluetooth built-in, which would work nicely with the pair of Alexa headphones.

Comparison to the Surface Headphones

We can look at the surface headphones to check what Microsoft is capable of. The surface headphones are the first wearable device from the surface line powered by Microsoft. The Microsoft surface earbuds on the surface headphone are touched sensitive and allow the user to launch Cortana by just saying “Hey Cortana” or by long press on the earcups. With the touch, sensitive earcups user can adjust up to 13 levels of noise cancellation and control of volume.

Everyone is making Wireless Headphones but Does it Make sense for Microsoft?

We are getting the news of every tech giant is making the wireless headphones now. The news of Microsoft Surface Earbuds comes after Apple launched a new version of Airpods in March and the Powerbeats pro in the first week of April. Samsung also introduced the Galaxy buds in February and the Amazon is working on Alexa-enabled earbuds too.

It’s not a big mystery why every tech giant is running towards wireless earbuds. It is because of the huge market for wireless headphones. According to the NPD’s retail trading service, Beats and Apple have counted 27% wireless unit sale in the US in December. The combined market of two products sale is mounted to 49%, meaning that 49 cents of every dollar have spent on headphone in the US.

ReporterLinker says that the Wireless Headphone market will generate revenue of around $34 billion by the year 2024. Apple already has set in the market after the success of Airpods, Samsung Galaxy Buds can easily grab market because of Samsung smartphones huge market and Alexa might take advantage of its smart speaker.

Microsoft has not stronghold on the market, so the question is how they introduce the Microsoft surface earbuds in the market? One could say that including Cortana in the earbuds could get enough feature to increase adoption in the customers.

Microsoft might be able to find success in the producing of Microsoft Surface Earbuds. It would be interesting to see the Microsoft would be open to other voice assistants in the earbuds or making them compatible with any other mobile device. Microsoft Skype’s dropped its Cortana bot when promoting Alexa, So including the other voice assistant is not out of the question for the Microsoft.

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