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Make Money Blogging

Every blogger thinks about to earn money from blogging. But many of us don’t know how to make money blogging.

How to monetize website?

How much I can earn?

Which Topic is best to make money blogging?

How long it take to start earning?

These are the questions come into bloggers mind when they think about earning from blogging. I am helping you with the answer giving to all these questions.

Right now I am not earning 5 digits number from the blogging but I approved my Google Ad-sense account in 2 days and also integrate with some affiliate programs which gives me a good return of amount.

Many people saw blogging just as a writing platform and they just maintain writing habit. A few years back, People just look at blogging as a hobby but blogging works in the same fashion but had changed a lot. Many bloggers left their job and make blogging as a full-time job. It’s getting amazed you but now they earn more money than a full-time job.

What are the Ways of Make Money Blogging?

There are many methods to make money blogging. It depends on the level of your blogging and a topic you choose. Many people think that Niche (topic) they choose to show a big impact on blog monetization. But the fact is your interest shows a big impact on your blog traffic.

Earn money from blogging

Here are some ways to make money blogging.

  • Ad Networks like Google Adsense, Media net
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Direct Advertisement
  • Paid Guest Posting
  • Sell E-book
  • Start Online courses

These are the ways to monetize you blogging website. Let we discuss more about each technique of monetization.

Ad Networks for money blogging

Ad networks are the most common method use to monetize your blog.

Two ad networks which are most popular are:

You need to have blogging website to get approval from these Ad networks. Its one of the simple way for money blogging but only after you get approval from Ad network. Once you get the approval, copy the code in your site header and the Ads started showing on your site.

A good thing about these Ad networks is the show the Ads automatically based on the context of your article and as per the user interest. Many bloggers use this way to earn money from blogging on a recurring basis. These Ads are of high quality and does not affect user experience. Simple rule of ad network is

More Traffic= More Clicks= More Money

If your blog have less daily visitors (>100) then their are other Ad networks you can used for money blogging. These networks are listed below,

These are some Ad networks which do not have any approval. You can start advertising on the website quickly but make sure that your ultimate goal is to get the approval for Adsense or

Points to Remember for Ad Networks

Create valuable and good looking content.

  • Don’t click on ad yourself or automatically.
  • Don’t display ads more than content.
  • Don’t ignore webmaster quality guidelines.
  • Update privacy policy for the website.
  • Make continue posting on site.

Affiliate Marketing

If your website has enough traffic then affiliate marketing is also the best way as it gives more money on a single sale than a single click. Many bloggers use affiliate marketing and it is most profitable avenue to earn money from blogging.

Affiliate Marketing

Check the list of Affiliate Ad networks you can join

A good thing about the affiliate marketing is you don’t need the only website to join the network, you can use a platform such as Wix, Medium, Tumbler and Facebook as well. You only need to share a unique affiliate link of the product and when someone buys a product from your link you will get the commission for each purchase.

Direct Advertisement

No doubt Adsense is the best option to make money blogging but it has some limitation, the biggest limitation is you only paid for the click.

If you get to manage direct Advertisement then replace the adsense with these direct advertisement blocks.

You can try the AdClerks for the direct Advertisement, the will play you per 1000 impressions and amount will be changed according to the topic.

These type of Ads are best, stable and highest paying ads.

Paid Guest Posting for Money Blogging

If your blogging website have enough traffic then some user may approach you for the paid guest posting. Only the things you have to wait for someone who offer you for guest posting on your site. You can charge them according to popularity and overall traffic on your website.

These kind of posting usually done to get the back link and promote content. High DA and PA sites will get high amount for the guest posting.

Sell E-Book

Many bloggers has business module of sale their own product such as E-book.

You need to pick the topic, make an e-book and put it for sale on your website or on Amazon. You can earn decent amount of money by selling the E-book online. Selling your own product is also the best way to generate more income with the blogging. It is also best way to earn more money from blogging.

Start Online Courses

Now a days, people prefer to watch a video to learn the new things. Popularity of videos is getting increase rapidly. If you can convert you textbook into video format then it is best option for you to earn money.

If you are giving a unique and good course then you can earn more money with the online course.

You can use platform

Common Question about making Money Blogging

Which Topic can I blog about?

You can blog on the topic you are interested and an continue it in future. Some topics like Travel, Food, Technology can attract more traffic in short time but it doesn’t mean that other can not. If the content is unique and comprehensive then you can attract good volume of traffic and monetize your site.

You can start blogging or Vblogging (making videos and publish them)

How much time it take to start making money?

You can start making money from blogging from the beginning as well but if you thing to earn $$$$ money then you have work on it continuously, usually it take few years.

These are the ways to monetize your website and start making money blogging.

I am just a few months old bloggers but start making money from the first month and get the Adsense approval in two days. Mine earning from blogging is a few dollars but share the tips for the beginners who think about blogging.

You can also check my article on How to Setup a WordPress Website and start making money.

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