6 Best LinkedIn Marketing Tips for 2020

LinkedIn Marketing Tips for 2020

LinkedIn is the world largest professional network with over 660 million users and spread across 150 countries. It’s a big platform for students to get the right job and for companies to find the right candidates and generate quality leads as well. It is a great platform for B2B marketers as many decision-makers use the LinkedIn platform. This article, we will discuss the best LinkedIn Marketing tips for 2020 that will help to grow business.

LinkedIn is not limited for B2B marketers but it’s a great platform for everyone who has a good presence on the platform and enough followers. All you need to do is just go in the right direction and this article will help you in it. 

Here, We will discuss the basic LinkedIn Marketing tips that actually work for you. 

  • Built and Optimize your LinkedIn Company Page

A company page is the first place for anyone when they land after searching on LinkedIn. As the “First Impression is the Last Impression”, you must optimize your LinkedIn company page or profile to engage the user. Creating is not enough but you must mention all your relevant details on the page. 

The page should have details about your company including Correct spell name, company email address, website and also mention about products and services your company offers to customers. 

Most important, pay close attention while filling up your company description. The description must tell the user about your brand story and what makes you unique. It creates a chance to connect with your potential customers, so create it properly.

Your profile picture for the page should be a logo and banner image could be any launching event. Follow the image dimensions to avoid the poor presence of profile. Next step is to optimize your company profile with SEO by adding relevant keywords. When a user searches for the same keyword, your page will appear in the search result. 

  • Publish Engaging Content

LinkedIn is a network for professionals and decision-makers, make sure your posts are relevant and engaging. Never consider it as a job portal and never post with the same thinking. Many people spend their valuable time on LinkedIn to read valuable content related to the industry. 

How does it help you? It creates an opportunity for you to build your company presence by actively participating in the discussion. You can do that by writing posts on trending topics related to your industry or commenting on topics with your views and ideas. Content is first, old and still most important Linkedin Marketing Tips for 2020 to grow your business, it is evergreen. 

Here are some useful tips to produce quality content

  1. Create blog posts current and trending topics for your targeted audience. 
  2. Provide industry research for your users by publishing industry statistics and what is happening with industry. 
  3. Publish the latest industry news and updates. 
  4. Built content about your company, like what is happening with your company, latest updates in company and achievements. 
  5. Share your Company environment with your audience, it helps users to build loyalty. 

Don’t forget to add a website link to your content to drive users to your website. 

  • Join Relevant Groups and participate in it

When it comes to finding a niche audience, LinkedIn groups are effective and impressive ways to do that. Niche groups shared similar interests between you and the user. Group members also come to know about your services and company presence under the same niche. Discuss topics, ask questions and provide solutions for user queries. 

Make sure you participate in a group within your industry or niche to contribute effectively. Joining the group is not enough but make sure your and actively and consistently participate in group discussion and give your views on it. This will help to increase your presence on LinkedIn.

  • Sponsored your most engaged post

Sometimes content you publish on LinkedIn does not get more engagement, in this scenario, one way to get more attraction is “Sponsored Post”. A Sponsored Content is like advertising on LinkedIn. Sponsored your most engaging content to your targeted audience feed and to those who are outside your network. 

Sponsored posts increase the reach of your content and give more views to content from the correct audience. This is also a good way to come into focus and get noticed by big peoples on LinkedIn. Don’t make the mistake of sponsoring your less engaged content, many people do that mistake. Balance your organic and sponsored posting to get good results and attract more potential customers.

  • Invent in LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn offers two types of ads, first is self-service advertisement and other is managed campaign. With the first one, you can create and run ads on your own. In the second option, LinkedIn offers support to run the campaign. 

LinkedIn ads provide a wide audience option to display your ads to the right people at the right time. You can also retarget people who interact with your business in the past.

Here are the types of LinkedIn Ads:

  • Sponsored InMail

These ads appear in the InMail of users account and show a message or notification to the user. They did not look like ads. You can identify it by Sponsored written at the beginning of the message. 

Sponsored In-mail
  •  Text Ads

These types of ads appear in the sidebar or in a newsfeed and in the header of the page. These are text ads and drive users to sponsored pages.

Text Ads
  • Measuring performance is necessary

Marketing goals are not complete unless you track and measure the performance. LinkedIn offers built-in Analytics tools that offer how you perform on the platform. With “Company Page Analytic ” you can measure company page performance. Know which post will get higher engagement and reach.  You can see insights with the help of LinkedIn Analytics.


Consistent posting and active participation make your purpose fulfil. With the implementation of the above tips, you can build your brand identity of the world’s biggest professional network platforms and achieve your ultimate goal. 

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