Jobs that will disappear by 2030

Latest Inventions and fast pace technology up-gradation, many job profiles will vanish in the upcoming year. But the question is which jobs will disappear by 2030? Jobs that won’t exist by 2030? Here we will discuss 10 jobs that will disappear or be hammered by automation and technology up-gradation. 

List of Jobs that will disappear by 2030

  • Travel Agent

There was a time when everyone preferred travel agents to plan and book their holidays or business trips. Now, with the appearance of easy-to-use comparison websites, planning holidays or vacations is made easy with a single click. All you need is your bank card and a few hours of research for the popular destination. With a single click, you can book the air and train tickets and the hotels as well. As the booking sites offer attractive discounts and offers, the number of people attracted to the booking sites are increasing day by day and it’s tough for travel agents to service the fast face technology. 

  • Postman

Though delivery of couriers and parcels exist, things are not good for the mail carrier services. In the next 10 years, letter delivery or mail services won’t exist as the email services are growing at a rapid pace, and getting statements, paying the bills are easy with the nefarious applications. Still, many companies asked for the documents proof even though document verification made it easy with the online process. 

  • Bank Cashier

Withdrawing the amount from bank branches is rare now. With the use of online payment apps, ATMs make the world cashless. Contactless payment is the new mode of payment rowing his feet in the upcoming years. While everyone has not adapted to cashless payment yet, the requirement of people to handle the cash is getting less day by day. The job of the cashier will disappear by the year 2030. 

  • Printing Press Operator

As the few publications are upgrading themselves and investing more time and money on the online version. The demand for e-magazines, e-newspapers has increased in recent years. Many people rely on online news for quick and trusted information sources. This means that the print press industry may face difficulties in the upcoming years and the operator jobs are at risk. 

  • Sports referee/Umpire

If you are thinking about making a career in the sports industry as the referee or umpire for the various games then think before entering into it. These services may no longer be available in the sports industry as technology involvement has increased in recent years. Video assistant referees and sharp cameras work accurately without any errors increasing the demand for technology involvement in sports. The outcomes from the technology devices are precise and accurate than the human efforts. Real-time decisions are made easy with the technology adoption. Artificial referee and umpiring during the scope for errors though few people think that human errors increase the drama and excitement of the match. The debate on it will go on but the use of technology has increased in recent years. 

  • Traditional Marketer

Door-to-door marketing, whether to sell the products or services, has become outdated now. Companies now realize that digital or online marketing is the most effective way of marketing in today’s world as it reaches more people in less time and in less amount. Traditional marketing is also quite annoying for the people and less result-oriented. Those in the traditional marketing field have a great opportunity to switch to online marketing and reduce the work stress and increase the result. 

  • Legal secretary

Technology has already led to automation in the legal sector including the role of the legal secretaries. A Deloitte report stated that more than 1 lakh jobs are going to be automated in the next decade as the industry begins to adopt technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud computing. The use of technology reduces the number of roles available in the sector due to robotization and digitization. 

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  • Assembler/Fabricator

Technology update is a silent killer for the manual working as the new robotic machinery replace the human work. Industries like toy manufacturers, vehicles, aircraft and other B2B products feel the heat of automation. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the profession will face an 11% decline by 2028, resulting in the loss of many job opportunities.

  • Dispatcher

As the rideshare apps like Uber, Ola, and Bla Bla car become mainstream people don’t need the dispatcher for booking their journey. Companies also adopt automated ride dispatch and booking apps or software the involvement of the human workforce is reduced. Also, thanks to Google Map that makes finding the destination path and nearby services easy with few clicks. 

  • Retail jeweller

Although the retail jeweler’s field is not replaced with machinery yet the industry jobs are at risk due to changing behavior and trends. Younger generations are least interested to invest in gold and jewelry, that a bad sign for the industry. 


There is always an opportunity behind every problem. Although the number of jobs will be reduced in the upcoming years. Manual, time-consuming, and hard-working replace with the smart and skill work. Skill work is the primary demand for the upcoming years. New automated robots and machinery may come, new software and applications may launch but the development and maintenance of the system is in demand and people may adapt to the skill work related to it. 

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