Before starting a discussion on the internet of things applications, we can first understand a few things about the internet of things and it can be useful. 

What is IoT – Internet of Things?

Internet of Things or IoT refer to the billions of interconnected computing devices that are embedded with sensors and software and other necessary devices to collect the data and make them more responsive. The notable point is the communication of data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. So, without wasting time, let’s discuss the Internet of Things applications. 

Internet of Things Applications

  • Smart Home

Compared to all measure channels, Smart home stands out as a high ranking IoT application with more than 60,000 people searching for the smart home per month. The database includes more than 250 companies are active in smart homes than any other applications in the IoT.  A number may be amazed you nut the total funding for the smart home startups goes around $2.5 billion. Few popular smart home IoT startups are, HomeSirens, DevicePilot and the list goes on. 

Smart home
Image Source: NewgenApps
  • Wearables

Wearables are also one of the hot topics of the IoT. As the world moves towards digitization, watches are also getting smart. Companies like Apple, MI other electronic companies have tough competition in this application. Wearable IoT applications mainly focus on smartwatches and fitness trackers. Digital Silk, Apple, MI, Ziggle Tech Inc these are few names of Wearable IoT companies. 

  • Smart City

Moving to digitization, cities are also increasing their volume and going smart. From Traffic Management to Water distribution, everything is going to be digitised and automatic. IoT solutions can be milestones in solving the big cities problems such as traffic conjunction, noise and water pollution and make the cities safer and better place for living. Today Smart city is not an option, it’s a necessity for a better life in the cities. 

Smart City
  • Smart Grids

This IoT application is special for us. Smart grids promise the use of information about the behaviour of electricity suppliers and consumers in an automated way. This will improve the efficiency and reliability of electricity. Thousands of searches and lakhs of tweets highlights the concept’s popularity. 

Smart Grids
Image Source: IEEE innovations
  • Industrial Internet

For the industries, this application is one of the important IoT for the implementation. Market researchers and big companies like Cisco and Gartner see the industrial internet as a potential Internet of Things application. While Industrial internet has not as much as popularity like smart homes and wearables but it is most important IoT application from industries point of view but take more time to implement of grass root level. 

Industrial Internet
  • Connected Car

Connected Car IoT applications might go up slowly. The development cycle of the automotive industry takes years, it’s going to be a long way to see IoT applications in this industry. Yet big automotive giants and few brave startups started working on Connected car IoT. If the biggest automotive giants fail to show connected car applications then Google, Apple, Microsoft are ready to show up their power and may announce connected car platforms. 

Connected car
Image Source: ET Auto
  • Connected Healthcare

Connected Healthcare gets a good position in IoT. It has numerous option IoT applications from remote monitoring to smart sensors and latest technology based medical instruments. IoT in healthcare proves to be more beneficial for the patient as they can get a good time to interact with doctors.  IoT in healthcare empowering doctors to provide superior healthcare service to the patient. 

Smart Healthcare
  • Smart Retail

IoT enables stores to become smart retail stores. One of the benefits of obtaining Smart retailing is retailers can get the real-time data of customers taste, habits and needs. It makes it easy for the retailer to predict the customer behaviour and provide them with the product or services they need. With plenty of applications, IoT helps to boost sales, increase customer loyalty and provide a personalized experience to the customer. Smart Supply Chain Management, smart barcode reader, products scanner are examples of Smart retail IoT. 

Smart retail
Image Source: digital signage connection
  • Smart Supply Chain

Smart Supply Chain is self-organising and self-optimizing. With the help of smart supply chain data from connected sensors in the factory integrated with the data on user preference. Quality management is getting enhanced with the smart supply chain IoT. Smart Supply Chain IoT allows the exchange of critical real-time information with the stakeholders. 

Smart Supply Chain
Image Source: Mhlnews
  • Smart Farming

Smart farming is quite ignored and overlooked in the business case of the Internet of Things as it does not fit in the categories such as technology, health, industrial. The Smart farming provides the agriculture industry with the infrastructure of advanced technology by tracking, monitoring, analysing and monitoring operations. Smart farming provides a decision making support system for the agriculture industry. It also addresses issues like weather change, labour and population growth. Agriculture drones, automation and robots are the key factors of Smart farming. 

Smart Farming


Advanced technologies and use of Internet of Things Applications make living life and work-life better. Adopting an IoT application is helpful in the upcoming years to analyze, monitor and predict the next move with the correct measurement. IoT is the Present and future of the World.

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10 best and popular Internet of Things Applications (IoT Applications)
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10 best and popular Internet of Things Applications (IoT Applications)
Internet of Things or IoT is an automated system that makes the process more simple. Here is the list of top 10 Internet of Things application.
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