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Use of  Instagram Stories for Business

Instagram is rapidly growing and one of the most essential platforms for businesses to make their brand visibility better. 1 billion active monthly users on  Instagram, it provides tremendous opportunities for the businesses to reach the new audience. Many people don’t know how to use of Instagram stories for business can be helpful for their business, well, we will discuss it in this article. 

While Instagram has an option to create and publish posts on Instagram. Yet one of the fun features of Instagram is becoming popular is Instagram stories.  A post display in your followers feeds and remains on your profile forever after staying in feed for 24 hours. 

Due to lack of knowledge and not aware of use many business owners get the loose online visibility and presence. Well, beginners have a lot of questions like what type of content should we use? Do we replace regular posts with stories? How to get more reach for your content? And the list goes on. 

Here, We will discuss the use of Instagram Stories for business and How to grow your business. 

Stories are Supplement for the Post

Most of the business owners get confused about the use of stories and try to identify what belongs to stories versus the traditional posts. Remember that posts are forever. So make sure posts have to be published regularly and the content must be relevant to your brand. Additionally, posts provide long term value for your brand when anyone views it, either today or years later. 

Let’s consider a jewellery shop. Among the bullet points and catchy content, sharing pictures in the post gets more visibility and lets the user know what kind of jewellery your brand made. 

When the story part comes into the picture, you can be a bit irrelevant. You can show how it is made and the process of polishing and also share insights into the manufacturing area. Also, show the step by step process of making gems and mention the final product in the post. Stories are helpful for highlighting short term offers, upcoming sales rather than spending money on promoting on offer posts. It will be an effective way of using Instagram Stories for business. 

Stories can be Photos or Videos

Stories can be photo or video, there is no restriction on it. It is always recommended to mix content into the stories for good results. Sharing content into stories is a great way to keep in mind your followers.  People go through the stories of people they follow at least once. As stories show at the top of the Instagram App, posting regular stories getting more views for your post when people log in. 

Videos have the ability to create deeper and personal connections with the audience. It explores what happens in your business and boosts likes, trust with your brand and sets up a good marketing platform for your brand. 

Are stickers effective?

Stickers are like dress-up for your content. Stickers add visual interest to your post and funny stickers get audience attention. Other stickers are helpful to spread words for your business. Creating a post for a bakery product can add mount watering stickers and a popular hashtag.  

Location stickers are helpful for small businesses. These stickers allow you to tag your business name. If someone clicks on the sticker location, all other posts tagged under the same location also appear, it provides great visibility for the posts. Location stickers not only show your content but also user-generated content from others who visited the business. 

Mention stickers allow you to tag a person or business in your story. Mentioning the influencers in your story can be a great way to catch the eye of the audience. 

Interaction with the Audience

Stories not only use for posting pictures and videos instead it can be an opportunity for business to engage with followers with real dialogues. You can create polls on your Instagram stories, having question answers sessions with the help for stories to clear the audience doubts. Ask the audience which product of your brand they like most so you can know about the popularity and demand for it. Start the contest to name coming soon products and increase the curiosity of the audience about the product. 

Taking polls online is the first step in engaging your audience. Take the result and plan your content strategy for the product and conversation. For example, ask for a favourite product and then make a video around the product to highlight the features of it. 

Highlight Feature is Must

As mentioned earlier, Instagram stories last only for 24 hours but you can preserve them forever on your profile. Stories or content that are relevant can only be saved as highlights.  The highlight features appear below to your profile picture and above to regular Instagram posts. You can also create categories for your highlighted posts which makes the user easy to navigate through the section. Saving the stories into highlights allows you to share the content with the user after completing the 24 hours duration.

Running Ads along with Organic Content

Running Instagram ads along with stories is a great way to supplement the organic content created on the platform. 

While the ratio of Ads to the Organic posting must be 20:80. Here you can get a perfect guide for setting up Instagram story Ads.

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