Instagram marketing strategies

Nowadays, social media presence must be part of all businesses. Instagram is one of the popular and strong social media platforms to highlight your business products and services and increase the brand reach. Though Facebook is still the first preference of many businesses, Instagram holds the place with a higher engagement rate. The question is what are the best practices of Instagram marketing strategies? Here are the effective strategies that can help small businesses to increase their reach and sales. 

Best Instagram marketing strategies

Setup your Instagram account up for best result

When you are setting up the Instagram account for the business, make sure it is a business account to make the maximum business impact. Make sure that your potential customer can find your business easily with the brand name or services. 

Connect your Instagram account with other social media accounts as well like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Flickr. It helps your visitors to connect with you on other social media platforms as well and also increases business visibility. Many people now wonder how we can add multiple social links as Instagram allows only one link. Well, you can use to connect multiple URLs with your Instagram account. 

While setting up your account, make sure your contact information is set to the public. SO visitors can reach out quickly if looking for the service. Maintain uniqueness and consistency in terms of image color combinations to make your account stand out. 

Sharing high quality content

Remember that Instagram is a visual medium. Your creativity needs to be attractive and appealing to get more reach. Attractive images have a higher chance to get engagement, so keep your images attractive, unique and short but meaningful information. 

Instagram came up with an array of filters for the photos. You can change the contract setting and add multiple images in a single post. Spend some time on Instagram and you will find a number of ways to customize your image. In the beginning, it may be trial and error to find out what suits best for your business. But once you finalize the format, stick to it for the ongoing posting. 

Here are some tips to make your creatives appealing

  1. Vibrant colors stand out in the feed, use them
  2. High quality images, use png format images
  3. Uniformity of the images.

Sharing the content is not only like making the advertisement of your brand. Try to highlight useful information about products and services and why is it beneficial? It helps you to connect with the audience and also increases brand trust. 

Use of appropriate hashtags and tagging

Like Facebook, Instagram also allows users to tag other users in their photos. It does not mean that you can tag your friends and family members. It will make a bad impression on your brand. Always tag if required, tag your relevant people or business to let them know about the post and to increase the reach. 

Hashtags allow you to increase your post reach for the relevant keywords and phrases. Instagram allows users to add up to 30 hashtags for a single post. Don’t use hashtags just to complete the number, try to add relevant hashtags with the product and services. Like you have a training institute, you can use #institute, #training, #coaching. When a user clicks on the hashtag, they can see all the posts mentioned with the hashtag. The purpose of using a hashtag is to increase the reach of the post. 

Build your reach

Instagram marketing strategies for small businesses are generally used to increase reach, awareness and brand goodwill. Keep it in mind when you are posting on Instagram. If your photos and videos don’t get visibility and reach then you need to rebuild your content strategy. 

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Regular and appealing content posting is not enough to gain more visibility and awareness. Your business needs to be constantly active on Instagram in terms of commenting on other posts, following the targeted people and adding stories to let your followers know about your business’s current scenario. Make sure that you are an active part of an Instagram community that makes your brand authentic and relevant. 

You can also promote your specific content in order to target the specific location and located Instagram users. For that you need to pay the amount to Instagram, the amount can be vary based on your requirement. 

Show, Don’t tell

As Instagram is a visual social media platform, show your users what your business offers. Don’t tell them to buy your product or services. If your product or service looks appealing and useful for users, your conversion rate automatically increases. Sometimes, it is also the best option to go live where you can highlight your workplace, it will help users to build trust for your brand. By showing what your company makes and how you have increased your company brand value and trust.  

Follow influencers

One of the best ways to gain popularity and increase reach by collaborating with influencers. If it is out of your budget then you can follow the influencers from your industry or niche. They are individuals with a large followers base and can help any brand to build trust and awareness. Find out influencers from every niche and engage with them, a brand mentioned by the influencers will get a huge boost. If you have a good budget for Instagram marketing strategies then you can go for the sponsored post with the influencers. 


For every brand, gaining trust and popularity is a long way. Being a small business, you need to be patient and super consistent to achieve your goal. Instagram takes time to increase your followers base but once you manage to get more followers, your single post can do the thousands of dollar work for you. Marketing will be cost-effective, quick and easy after gain popularity over social media platforms. 

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