How to Rank your page for WordPress Tag

How to Use WordPress Tag

SEO is not the pre-defined way of working, You can always use your own methodologies to rank on SERP without violating Google Algorithm. Nowadays WordPress is one of the popular platforms of website development, So being an SEO Expert or to work on an SEO, you must aware of the procedure of making it a successful campaign. In this article, We will discuss How to use WordPress Tag to rank for Particular Keyword. 

Many people use WordPress Tags but do not aware of How useful it to rank a post and generate traffic to the site. WordPress Tags help to rank on major search engines and generate huge traffic to your website. With the Advanced SEO techniques, you must know How to optimise WordPress Tags.

What is WordPress Tags?

 When the visitors click on the tags they reach to the page where all post present that is mention with that the tag. Tags Highlight the showcases post together. These are also the keywords that user use to search for a particular topic. They are more specific about the topic and content of the page or post, that why Tags must be relevant to the topic.

Now, the question is, Where we can find that tags or add it to the page or post. The way is quite simple.

-> Login WordPress Dashboard

-> Goto Posts

-> Under Post, you get Tags option

When you goto Tags section you can see dashboard link below the image

Wordpress Tag Section

These tags create a separate page on your website and display all post that contains the same tag. This is the hint for the SEO experts that they can use those tags for a particular keyword.

How to Use WordPress Tag as ranking Factor?

Well, Consider the basic SEO practises, a URL must be live on Google to rank for the particular keyword. But many times the user of the tag used in a post is not getting Indexed automatically a User needs to be index them manually.

Check out the one Scenario here, 

I check one tag “bridal photography” in the search console and fount that do not crawl by Google, So I need to Index it manually in the search consol with URL inspection Tool.

You can fetch the URL, In the search Console under URL Inspection Tool option or simply copy the URL in the search bar of Search Console.

After a request for Indexing, You can test the live URL and it showing Green mark as “URL is on Google”.

URL Inspection Tool

This situation Happen because Tags are not present in the sitemap, You can add the tags in the sitemap manually and it will be Crawl by user otherwise you can use URL Inspection Tool to crawl it manually. 

Next Step is You need to Update the Snippet for the Tag for which you want to rank for.

If you have Yoast Plugin or RankMath Plugin installed and activated then you can find it easily else install it and activate it.  

Yoast allows you to focus one keyword only in the free version while Rankmath offers you 5 keywords.


Edit the snippet and Update the Title, URL and meta description of the page.

After updating the snippet, crawl the URL manually in the Search Console. Whenever people search for that keyword your tag can be displayed in the SERP. 

Rank Keyword

Keep in mind that changing the snippet and index requesting can only add URL in the SERP to rank them, you need to do quality link building.

Points to Remember

  1. Search Engine may penalize the website for the inappropriate use of tags, you need to take care of it and use the appropriate tags only.
  2. Don’t use the same name for categories and Tags. It may cause an issue of duplication. 
  3. Based on your needs, choose the singular or plural form of tags.
  4. Do the keywords research before using the tags. 


If you want to achieve high ranking and good traffic, use the tags wisely and do keywords research before using the tags. Tags definitely helpful with the well-written SEO friendly content. 

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