How to become Influencer

How to become Influencer?

A common question comes into mind when you think of becoming an influencer. How to become an influencer? How does it work? Timings? Earning? and the list goes on. Lots of question come into mind, in this article, we will discuss the influencer platform and its great benefits.

Remember these 5 steps when you are thinking of influencer as full-time:

Step 1: Choose Budget that suits your lifestyle

Step 2: Decide Value of your Post

Step 3: How many posts you need to make your Lifestyle smooth

Step 4: Create Original Content

Step 5: Plan your posts.

We discuss each step in detail here,

  • Step 1: Choose Budget that suits your lifestyle

This step defines your goal when you are switching to the full-time influencer. Make a list of your expenses that are coming in the necessary column. The reason to identify your lifestyle budget is it gives you an idea about your expenses and prepare yourself to free from 9 to 5 job and start full-time influencer. A budget gives you an idea about your survival in the next few months after switching to the full-time influencer.

Choose Budget that suits your lifestyle

Following step 1 doesn’t make you scared of leaving a job and starting a full time influencing. If your monthly budget is clear and you are well planned, switching to full time influencing is quite easy.

  • Step 2: Decide Value of your Post

It’s a tough job to know your post value if you have not done it before. defining more amount may lose your sponsors and making it small, devalue your post. So, you may take help of Tribe App to define rates for your social media post, it a great way to tag a price for your post.

You are working hard on your content, you are a full-time influencer. so, never undercut your value. Always stick to your rates and let the brands think about your offer.

Here is an idea about rates for the post according to your followers base.

Influencer charges
  • Step 3: How many posts you need to make your Lifestyle smooth

You must be prepared with how many posts you publish to complete your budget. To be a full-time influencer, you must be clear about your expenses and fulfil them.

Here is a simple calculation, If you have 10K followers on Instagram and you need 2K to live. Your value per post according to Stats is 150$. If you make a calculation, you must publish 14 to 15 post in a month.

This calculation makes it easier for you to identify your monthly post target. Must do it.

  • Step 4: Create Original Content

There is anything to remember, just be yourself. Apply your own strategies and plan differently. Avoid using the same format and same power words. Do something different.

While selecting the products from Tribe, brands will approve your post or suggest an edit on a post. If the post is approved then make sure your post will be shared on social platforms within 48 hours and if asked for the editing make necessary revision.

  • Step 5: Plan your posts.

Remember, you are doing influencing full time. Give time and plan your post. Many successful influencers spend a whole day in the post preparation. It’s not a few minutes work and you can enjoy your remaining time.

Advantages of becoming Influencer

  • Flexibility of Working

Being an influencer is not job bound with the fixed place. You can work from anywhere and anytime. The influencer can choose their approach towards work. Being independent, they can choose their working hours. Their job offers them to explore more places as well.

  • Brand Exposure

Influencers are the leaders of the social media world who has the power to influencing their followers for purchasing. Brands, marketers and influencing marketing agencies approach them to involve in a social media marketing campaign. Becoming a social media influencer, you can deal with various brands and approach them as well for paid posting.

  • Being a part of a better community

Influencer has an important role in society as many people follow them. Being an influencer you must be truthful and authentic towards your followers and society. Influencer lives their life on their own term though they have to work hard to become successful. Most important they must maintain a good balance between quality and quantity of posts for better engagement of the audience all time.


Become a full social media influencer or Instagram influencer is not an easy job. Consistency, quality and selection are the key factors for any influencers success. Its not a one day result. It’s a hard work of months and years.

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