SEO Tips for Hosting – Things to Look for in a Hosting Company

How to Choose Best Hosting Company for the website

Web hosting is the Physical Address of any website. It is equally important to choose the right hosting provider for your website compared to choosing a domain name for your online identity. Many people rush for low-cost hosting plans without thinking about the future, uptime of the hosting provider. Those are the old days of search engine optimization where link building, page speed, robots.txt has topmost priority to rank website. It’s a time of Voice search, Featured snippet and mobile-friendliness of the website. Here we will discuss the things which we should consider while choosing a hosting company for the website.

Hosting Service

The web hosting you preferred determines the overall consistency of the website experience.

If you want to prevent server errors, page timeouts or the users bouncing back from the website, you need a solid base of hosting company for the website.  

Ultimately, you want a web host provider who supports you with good service and quick response. Here are things to know about the best hosting company for the website as an SEO point of view.

Guarantee of High Uptime

Apart from your best SEO strategies for the Website, your hosting company uptime guarantee is an important factor for your SEO planning. 

Uptime is the percentage of time your Website is present online and accessible to the user. The higher your uptime probably reduce the chances of visitors seen the message of the website down, ultimately reduce the bounce rate and risk of your website ranking on Google search Engine. The reliable hosting company offers guaranteed high Uptime.

Do many non-technical users have questions about what would be a good Uptime? Well, choose a hosting company that provides at least 99.9% uptime guaranteed. Roughly 1.44-minute downtime in a day which is not bad at all. 

Be aware of hosting companies who claim 100% uptime because there is a downtime for any system and you should consider it because of maintenance and sometimes failure.

24/7 Support/ Customer Service

When you are late-night working on fixing errors and issues of the website, you may need customer support service to quickly resolve the problem. This is important for non-technical website owners who can solve and fix issues with basic guidance. 

Customer Support

A good hosting provider always has the quick and responsive support team and pay attention to the customer’s issue and resolve it quickly. A good host offer 24/7 support for free. You must verify the operating hours of your hosting provider and see how you will be able to get in touch with them. Small companies provide direct contact number while most companies provide live chat and email support.

Most importantly, always check their social media profile to check how they interact with the people and assist them. A good web host always provides every possible option to their customers for helping in any situation and in any way. Some provide dedicated support from Twitter Account.

Check Server Location

Check the server location before choosing a hosting company for the website. While uptime refers to the site content accessible to the user, your server location may dictate how quickly it can be accessible to the user. 

If you are on Shared, VPS or dedicated server plan, then your data is stored somewhere, ideally, this data centre is located as close as possible to the majority of the website visitors. The more distance of the server needs more time to load the website for the users. 

It is not good to practise that you operate in one country and your host is somewhere at the opposite point to you, it may be disappointing for you. 

Options Provided by Hosting Provider

We all like more features and options. With hosting many hosting providers gives add-on services and options such as,

SSL Certificate: HTTPS is a ranking factor for the website. If you are not shifted to secure protocol then you need to do it quickly. So, while choosing the hosting provider make sure your Host provides you support for SSL certificate. Some offer it for Free.

Multiple Plans: Many sites grow as time passes, so keep in mind that and check hosting companies provide multiple plans according to usage or can upgrade plan or not. Sometimes you need to switch to the dedicated server, check that your host can provide this option in case of up-gradation. It makes it easier rather than changing the hosting provider. 

Regular Backup: Always take a backup of your website, so in case of emergency you can restore it from the server. Check to host provider offers automatic backup for free or at additional cost.

Customer Reviews

It is always a good idea to check the feedback of previous or existing customers. Before Signup takes a few minutes and goes through the reviews section. Check out their social channels profile and check what people think about their services. 

Look for the host that appears again n again for the top hosting provider list. Read reviews and check do they fulfil your all requirements or not. Check the ratio of positive and negative reviews and also how the host deal with the negative reviews. A good hosting provider company always respond politely and understand the concern. 

Pricing Plan

Don’t rush for low pricing hosting services and also for the very high payment. High payment doesn’t mean that they have very good service. Compare the plans with other providers, make a checklist, identify your needs and choose to host according to it. 

Easy to Use Dashboard

While it is not possible to check it at the time of checkout bit you can do some research and check how the dashboard looks like? Can I understand it easily? Many hosting companies provide a dashboard that is difficult to understand and use for a non-technical person like unable to locate CPanel quickly, cant find backup options, SSL certificate option, etc. 


Good and Reliable hosting service is the thing rubs in the background without having to think about it or looking for it. It is one of the SEO rank factors for the website. Choose SEO friendly web host now

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