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Home Security – A Necessity

Home security is one of the important concern for all the peoples of all living style categories. Home security is not just limited to keep it safe from thief, many other factors also required to keep your home safe and secure.

As technology is getting upgraded day by day, new features security equipment’s come into market. You can check your home security even miles away from home.

Here we check out few home security systems that helpful in 2019.  

Nest Cam


Nest Cam which is also known as “Dropcam”. This little gadget do big things. Nest Cam discourage the intruders from doing the bad things in your home or home premises. You can capture all moments 24/7 on your phone or tablet. Specialties like motion and sound alert, night vision, digital zoom, two-way audio and easy setup make this small technology more demanding and useful. It has one of the strongest design as magnetic base, pivoting stand and sleek appearance makes it more cool.

When comes to the functionality of Nest cam, you may be a little bit disappointed by Nest’s Subscription packages. No one wants to pay regular charges but Nestcam has it own selling rules. For 10$/month to 100$/year, you will get cloud storage for 10 days. You can increase your package to 30$/month or $300/year. Downloadable clips and time-lapse functionality makes it a more attractive product.

The main reason of increasing its selling point is its compatibility with other Net’s products such as protect Smoke alarm and Carbon Monoxide detector. Nest Cam is best Home Security products with full of features.


  • Built in speaker and mic so can hear what going on in house.
  • See activity from past 3 hours if missed activity.
  • Alert you when something happen.
  • Plug-in and go security.

Arlo Pro 2 Smart Security Camera


The Arlo Pro 2 is a smart security camera that can stream 1080p video live on your smartphone. To save staring at a screen all day, it has motion and sound sensors that will send alerts if either is triggered. One amazing feature of Arlo Pro 2 is you can set the camera on work only in certain hours or it gets stop when you are at home by detecting your location. You can also set alarm when motion is detected and the alarm can go upto 100 decibels.

Arlo Pro 2 is a nice home security product which can work on outdoor as well. It has night vision enable which can work in the night as well. The footage is stored on cloud upto seven days with 1GB of cloud storage included and free service support upto 5 Arlo cameras before you start paying.

Premier (6.49 Euro/month) and Elite (9.99 Euro/month) bump up the cloud storage to 10GB or 30GB for 10 to 60 days respectively. You can upgrade to non stop 24/7 recording for the cost 6.99 Euro per camera for 14 days or 12.99Euro for 14 days. It is best choice to go with Arlo Pro 2 Home Security Camera if you are ready to pay subscription fees.


  • Advanced scheduling and geo fencing control.
  • 7 day of free cloud storage.
  • Local backup via USB.
  • Backward Compatible.
  • Scalable plans for businesses.

Amazon Cloud Cam – Indoor Home Security Camera

Amazon Indoor Home Security

How amazon goes behind when it comes to technology. Yes, you heard correct. Amazon also introduces Amazon Cloud Cam indoor security camera. If you have amazon systems at your home then it is a good choice to go on.

With integrated Alexa voice command, Amazon Cloud Cam is a fantastic choice for smartly protecting insides of your home. Full of features including 24/7 monitoring, 1080P HD video recording, night vision, two way audio with an inbuilt microphone and speaker and 24-hour video playback makes it more preferable.

Cloud cam come with the 30-day free trial, so the buyer can upgrade to get more features and increase storage.


  • Best Price compares to other competitors.
  • Work with your other Alexa enabled products
  • Two-way communication and person detection.

Ring Stick-up Camera


Designed for both inside and outside surveillance. Ring stick-up is a smart choice and best home Security system. The good thing is it is compatible with Alexa. Just asked Alexa then know what’s happening around the camera. The camera can connect to the Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV for the monitoring purpose.

The installation process is very easy and can take 10 minutes. After activation, you can set three motion zones for monitoring. Any motion can give immediate notification to the user phone. If any abnormal activity found, it gets siren and let the intruder know that he is under watch.

Comes to the functionality, Ring camera comes with night vision and 150 degrees horizontal and 85-degree vertical field of view. The 1080P videos provide sharp pictures on what going inside or outside. Even in the outside camera stand up for rain, snow or sunshine. Only the drawback is it is wired camera still best home security product.


  • Easy and Quick installation.
  • Indoor and Outdoor installation.
  • Well priced cloud storage.
  • Built-in microphone and speaker.
  • Amazon Alexa Support.

Vimtag P1 Wireless Security Camera


If you are looking for best, versatile and in budget camera then Vimtag P1 wireless security camera is best for you. Vimtag P1 offers HD video recording, 4x digital zoom, remote live streaming, two way sound, motion sensor and night vision and all that come in less than $100. So, it can be used for home and business purpose, pet monitoring, baby monitoring, check ins and more.

Coming to the design, it looks like egg shape put on the stand. But important is it offers 360-degree coverage of the room. You can place it in center of the room as it can rotate horizontally and vertically. You can also choose which angle you want to see from either iOS or Android App. For coverage of more than one room you can buy additional Vimtag Cameras and use all of them in tandem.

Keep in mind that you have to purchase additional external micro SD card to store the HD videos.


  • Customize motion detection.
  • 360-degree coverage.
  • No cloud storage subscription required.
  • In Budget product.

Blink Home Security Camera System


Blink Home Security camera is for the person who is looking for budget security camera and gradually add more cameras over the time. It is affordable product runs on AA batteries meaning that they don’t need any wire and can place place anywhere around the house.

Coming to the features, blink cameras offer 720P HD video capture, motion detection, instant push notification on your phone with attached video and live viewing mode access from the phone. One more nice thing is it has no monthly fees. Yes, you heard correct. It’s like bread with butter. Blink system is integrated with Amazon Echo Home Products, so you can asked Alexa, ask blink when was the last motion clip?

For the person who looking for no monthly charges and want best home safety system can go with blink home security camera.


  • 720P HD Camera
  • Built in Temperature Sensor
  • Easily Access on demand Video streaming
  • Quickly receive push up notification alert.

Ring Floodlight Camera

Ring floodlight camera

The Ring Floodlight camera has the ability to record perfectly at night with two super-bright, motion-activated floodlights. This has been added the benefit of washing the scene with plenty of light effect for high-quality video. Simultaneously scare the intruders with the quick flashing of floodlight. It can also scare people audibly with 110 decibels of alarm.


  • Motion-activated camera with floodlights.
  • Smart zoom with panning.
  • Night vision, Live view and 1080p HD video.
  • 140 degree of the field view.
  • 270-degree motion detection.

iSmart Alarm for Large Home

iSmart Alarm

Like the Samsung smart things, it gives a modular approach to home security. Variety of parts like camera, remote, sensors and switches are bundled together and can be separated according to the need.

Its greatest strength is that it is totally self-monitor and self-controlled. It can be a weakness as well. Easy to set up system is necessary if you want a high level of home security. Real-time monitoring, SMS and Push up notification are some features of iSmart Alarm. Most important and relief for users is there is no monthly fees and no need for contract sign.

One of the drawbacks of the system is it can not automatically contact the police station. Still, iSmart alarm is decent choice for the home security and you can go with this option.


  • Easy to Setup.
  • 110 DB Siren.
  • No Monthly fees
  • Access from Anywhere.
  • Emergency alert.

Lorex Security Camera

Lorex Security Camera

Lorex is a heavy meta home security camera design with 112 degrees filed view, 4K video recording which is 4 times better than 1080p HD video, 4K Image sensor. with Lorex outdoor security camera, you can see crystal clear camera footage within 200 feet distance at a night. Lorex home security camera also connects to your network video recorder with the creation of up to 4 zones with adjustable motion sensitivity for each.


  • Create four motion-triggered zones with adjustable sensitivity.
  • Made with 4K image sensor for leading camera footage quality.
  • night colour vision for crystal clear camera.
  • Waterproof outdoor home security camera.

Swann Bullet Camera

Swann Bullet Camera

Swann Thermal Sensor Outdoor Home security camera is a dome-shaped camera that seamlessly with Swann Security system. The camera comes up with 102 degrees viewing angle and 1080P camera quality. It will catch all activity clearly outside the door. It automatically detects record and sends a mobile alert of suspicious motion-triggered activity.


  • Wired Camera with 60-inch Coax power cable.
  • Includes night vision for camera footage in dark.
  • Heat sensing to spot warm objects like cars and peoples.
  • Waterproof outdoor home security camera.

What to look for Home Security System

  • Monthly Fees:

Few Security systems charged monthly to store your data and keep your home monitor. These monthly charges added to your budget to keep you home safe and secure.

  • Reputation:

If you are installing camera to your home and trusting to the company make sure to check the reputation of the company and familiar with the brand.

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