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Canva – Free Graphics Designing

Technology is getting more sharper and smarter day by day. Ready to use tools and templates makes work easier and quicker. It also reduces the dependency on the tech person. The most creative part of digital advertising is Graphics designing. We can not depend on Paid designing tool every time, So here we are discussing a free graphic designing tool – Canva.

Features of Canva – A graphics designing tool

  • Photo Straightener
  • Image Crop
  • Add text to photo
  • Speech Bubble Maker
  • Transparency Tool
  • Photo Enhancer
  • Photo Blur
  • Photo Vignette
  • Photo Frame
  • Free Icons
  • Free Templates and many more

Yes, its a full package of features needed for the designing. A big advantage of Canva is a person who has less knowledge of graphic designing, can also make the awesome graphic. For the individual or small firm, Canva is the best option for graphics designing.

Let’s see, How to use Canva (from scratch) to make stunning design

You need to login to canva before using it. User has three option to log in to the site:

  • Login with Facebook
  • Login with Google
  • Signup with your email id

Once you login in you can see window like this

Canva Home Screen

Canva offer number of ready templates to the user name as Facebook Ad, Blog Banner, Facebook Post, Social Media, Poster and the list goes on.

Click on Create design on Top Left hand corner of the dashboard and select Create a design option. You can see the categories as

  • Social Media
  • Documents
  • Personal
  • Educational
  • Marketing
  • Events
  • Ads

Each category have number of templates and user can select according to his purpose. User can also select a custom dimension for the post according to his need.

Here I select Instagram Post and will get the option to edit the post.

Designing Options

  • Templates

A template is further categories in different part such as for Instagram post it will show option as Food, Sale, Love, Birthday, Halloween, Summer, Spring, Wedding, Winter, travel and other results. These are the theme’s user can select and use.

Instagram Template
  • Photos

Photo section include recently used pictures and few pictures already provide by Canva. Canva has large number of picture gallery which user can use.

Photo Section
  • Elements

Element Section contains frames, charts, shapes, lines and illustration. User can add more effect to the image. Like the add image to the background, shape the images in a different size. Canva provides all types of illustration which help the user to add symbols without importing it. Canva makes Graphics designing more easy with the elements.

canva elements
  • Text

Canva has more than 100 types of fonts which make graphics designing more attractive. User can add Heading, Sub-heading and small text just by drag in drop.

Canva- text
  • Background

Few in-built background shades provide by canva. User can also change the color of the background theme after selecting it.

Canva- Background
  • Uploads, Folders and Apps

User can upload the image and can use it for the graphics designing. Folders option is available only for premium users. Use design as template functionality is available only for the premium users. App section includes the integration of apps such as facebook, youtube video and other.

New features of Canva 2.0

Access actions when you right-click

right click

This is an amazing feature for graphic designing. User can right-click on the element to perform the action. It gives quick access to element action when you right-click on it.

Copy and paste styles in a click of a button

User can copy and paste the text styles, image filters, colours and chart styles by clicking on the copy button. User can also used keyboards shortcuts Option/Alt + Command/Ctrl + C to copy and Option/Alt + Command/Ctrl + V to paste. This feature is not yet live, it will come soon in the next few days.

Image cropper

crop the image

Canva let you get the digital crapping. Every photo in canva can be cropped, scaled in a few clicks. Creating new looks with corresponding images and also never worry about cropping to fit in a grid.

Speech bubble maker

bubbles speech

User can add speech bubbles and word balloons to any graphic designing of canva and also fill them with the punchy dialogue. Plenty of colours and styles you can drag and drop right into your layouts them click and start typing.

Bottom Line:

Canva makes graphics designing more easy with the ready tools. For the daily posting on Social media or to make stunning presentation Canva is the best option. With basic knowledge, anyone can make a design with the help of Canva.

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