Facebook Ads mistakes

Facebook Ads

People spend a lot of money on advertising on Facebook to generate the leads and mostly end up with high CPC and irrelevant leads. Why did people fail? Why Facebook ads are rejected? Does the continuous rejection of ads effect on your ad account?

You are not a single one, who ends up with poor experience, Weebly report says that approximately 62% small business owner experience their Ad campaign never works out well.

In this article, we discuss a few common mistakes that can end up giving answers to the above questions.

6 Common Facebook Ads mistake

  • Lack of Clear Objective

This is the first step of every marketing campaign, Your objective has been very clear with the strategy before starting Facebook ads. The clear objective helps you to make an actionable strategy for your campaign.

Facebook Ads may have few common objectives:

  1. Increase website traffic.
  2. Increase conversions or direct sale with the help of landing pages.
  3. Make brand awareness and highlight your brand continuously.
Facebook Ad Objective

Identify your objective before starting your ad and make an actionable strategy and result-driven Ad copy. Still, things not go well, pause the campaign immediately and check for improvement in your ad copy.

Your objective must be realistic and meet with your business needs. There is a difference between setting goals and setting the right goals. Remember lack of knowledge always end up in the poor result.

Few Common goals are to increase brand awareness, increase conversions and leads, increase traffic to the site and increase the audience engagement.

  • Poor Audience Targeting

If you don’t know your audience then you are going in the wrong direction and waste your money. Selection of the wrong audience not only lose your money but also affect on your Facebook ad account. There are millions of Facebook pages that are using Facebook ads and target the audience similar to you. The reason for mention this thing is if you are not set targeted audience correctly, then there is high chances of your content getting lost in the huge stream of content.

To overcome this scenario, you need to first create engaging content that may be left your competitors left behind.

Keypoints while deciding targeted audiences:

  1. Location: For which location you want to target the people, whether it is a country, state or a city only.
  2. Demographic: It includes Sex, marital status, income, age. Narrow your audience by selecting a demographic audience.
  3. Interest: Make sure the audience you selected has an interest in your service.
  4. Engagement: Set up your ads according to people engagement, who like, comment on the service before similar to you.
  5. Behaviour: For this, Use Facebook pixel, it will track the behaviour of the user and track people accordingly.

A common mistake people make while selecting a demographic audience is making the audience set is too wide or too narrow.

Facebook Audience Size
  • Selecting Wrong Facebook Ad Type

Facebook offers different Ad types, make sure you select the right one.

Here are examples of the most popular ad type:

  • Photos (with size variants)
  • Videos
  • Carousel (i.e. making use of multiple images or videos in one ad)
  • Slideshows
  • Making use of canvas
  • Collections (a single ad that would display all of your products)

To ensure success in your campaign, you must know which ad type is best for you and works for you. Desktop ads have high conversion rates but they are expensive and high competition.

For example, if you want to drive traffic to your site then desktop ads might kill your campaign due to high competition and high rates. In this scenario, desktop ads might not best for you.

You should do A/B testing until you find the best option for your campaign.

  • Overcommitted Ads

While making your ad copy make sure you are realistic and to be overcommitted. Facebook rejects the ads that found to be overcommitted. It will also affect on your ad account as a continuous rejection of ads can affect on your ad account and your good ad set is also rejected without any reason.

Know about the Chatbots and its types

A common mistake made is fake commitment about product and service, overcommitment, use of banned images and videos, linking ad copy to poor landing pages.

Your landing page content and design is also important when you are running ads with the landing pages.

  • Abandoning Ads

This is the most common mistake that many marketers make. Creating new ads and abandoning them for the weeks. You must analyze your ads on a daily basis.

Make sure your audience did not show the same ad every day. You have to monitor your ads to check the objective set by you is fulfil or not. While checking the ad progress, make sure you keep a close look at on:

  • Ad frequency
  • Click-through rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Number of leads generated
  • Ad performance by type and placement
  • Clicks by interest

Monitoring ads regularly help you to know for any necessary changes in the campaign. Data is important in the marketing and monitoring that data is the way of success in marketing.

  • Running too many ads in Small budget

Many small business owners made this mistake. They use a single ad account to run multiple campaigns and ad sets. This can lead to reduced efficiency. It is difficult to track performance with the complex ad account.

If you are an owner of a small business, make sure not to run multiple ads at the same time with a small budget. To take advantages Facebook algorithm, you need to take at least 50 leads per week and have a sizeable budget to effectively power up your ads.


To get success with the Facebook Ads, you need to go the extra mile and gain audience attention towards your page. It’s not a technique that you can see the video on Youtube and try to implement things on your account.

When your money is involved, make sure it will utilize properly and from the expert person. Learn and implement technique is not affordable when you are making it for your business. To achieve good result Ad Expert can do the job better than beginners.

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