Digital Marketing after Covid-19 Crisis

Digital Marketing after Covid-19 Crisis

Corona Virus crisis threatens the businesses and jobs of almost all industries. But Digital Marketing will take a sharp rise after the Covid-19 crisis. 

Covid-19 does not affect health only but also changes the perception towards many things. You will observe many changes in personal life and professional life as well. We will observe significant changes here onwards.  As the first world war saw social changes, the second was to set the social and economic model that has lasted over 30 years. Similarly, Covid-19 has a transformational effect on social lifestyle and also on how people work and shop.

Recovery after Covid-19

Does Online Working is a Future?

The central issue of all developed and other countries is the economy. To bring back the economy on the road, the government is taking all actions and making sure people can resume their work and firms. This is the one side of the coin but on the other hand many firms run their businesses from Work. We can say that this is the transformation of the workplace. After the pandemic many companies will check the option of Work from home as a big part of their work culture. 

This is the beginning of the era where you can order anything from the home and E-commerce will be the new shopping concept. The report says that, E-commerce industry post 90% recovery to its pre-lockdown level.  Covid-19 release the businesses How their online presence is important in the new changing era of business. 

Remote working benefits during Covid-19

  1. It maintains work continuity when the office places are of no use. 
  2. It provides work and time flexibility to the staff.
  3. Staff who can feel illness can also work in isolation and can take care of health. 
  4. Last but not the list, Remote working brings lots of environmental benefits because of fewer vehicles on the road.

Most importantly, the staff must be literate and aware of online tools to use it effectively during remote working. 

How Digital Marketer can respond to the situation?

This is the right time for a digital marketer to come in front. Do some research, identify the areas which are affected severely by Covid-19 and approach them with an actionable plan for the recovery from the crisis. 

Few companies are prepared for the quick and drastic changes produced by Coronavirus pandemic and its impact. While few make any sort of preparation for various scenarios. 

Who suffered the most?

Well, there are few firms who are doing well during the crisis bit the ratio is 20:80 now. 80% of firms affected by Coronavirus. Entertainment agencies and apps, the healthcare industry did well during the time while travelling and the food industry hammered badly that includes:

  • Related to sports and clubs
  • Airline and tourism
  • Food industry
  • Real estate  

Now, the question is, how can you serve your potential customers with maximum security and with maintaining social distance?

Boost online sales and presence with Digital marketing techniques

Here digital marketer has a great opportunity to approach the affected firms with effective strategies. Starting goods selling online can be a good way of recovery, building up an online store and moving your business over the internet. 

If you do not have plans to offer products and services online now, you can give vouchers and coupons to customers who can use them in future. 

People spending their time on social media channels during the pandemic time. Social media engagement is a big opportunity to stay connected with your customers. Stats observe 87% increase in social media use during the lockdown. Social media not only helps you to engage with customers but also build up community and brand. 

Patience always Pays

It is worth considering the investment in content marketing and search engine optimization. Quality content can build up your online presence while strong SEO strategies like in-depth keywords research, backlinks and relevant content help you to increase your rank on search engines. 

The search engine is something which is a slow process, it may take up to 6 months to reach page one on Google ranking but after you reach to the first position, you can realize how effective it would be.

During the crisis, growing awareness is the best way to stay in the market, so when people can resume to the normal life they can engage with your firm which is the result of your result-driven content produced during the crisis. 

Here is the list of Do’s and Don’ts that you can follow during content marketing:


  1. Keep sending email to tell you are still open for business.
  2. Talk about your services and how you can deliver it.
  3. Explain How you can take care of your staff during a crisis that can build trust with your firm.
  4. Show a positive approach in your emails.


  1. Mention about the virus will distract customers from the services.
  2. Mention about the services and facilities that are not available.
  3. Never make an impression like you and your staff do anything that may put your staff into the risk.

Turn Crisis into Opportunity for You

Businesses After Covid-19

 During the 2008 financial crisis, Mr Rahm Emanuel, a member of the Obama administration in the US said that “Every Crisis is an Opportunity”. This can be repeated during Covid-19 crisis. Firms who are battling during a crisis, it’s a time to come back stronger, reliable, analyze drawbacks and make actionable plans for the future. 

Not only firms but also people who lost their jobs can start with more energy, digital marketing opens up dozens of opportunities not only with jobs but as an individual freelancer or influencer as well. You can adopt digital marketing skills to become a high paid Influencer, blogger or vlogger.  

Covid-19 Pandemic crisis shows significant changes in offline businesses and it’s time to make your online visibility stronger. It opens up huge opportunities for digital marketing and the competition for making an online presence will be large in the future. Be a smart learner and adopt the situation and make actionable plans now. 

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