Cryptocurrency Investment Apps

Nowadays everyone is talking about “Cryptocurrency”. Whether it’s a coin that might give high returns or an app that can be used to buy these crypto coins. Lots of advertisements from the celebrities on the recommended apps and a few country’s acceptance of crypto make the sudden surge in the few crypto coins prices and also attract millions of investors towards crypto investment. But the question that came to beginner’s minds is How can we get started? Which platform can we use? Here we will discuss a few best and easy-to-use Cryptocurrency investment apps on which you can also buy the meme coins or start the savings and can earn interest on a daily basis.

Cryptocurrency Investment Apps in 2022


Many people know about the commonly used cryptocurrency investment apps but OKEX is quite different from those apps. One of the biggest advantages of the OKEX is you can start saving with the fixed amount on which you can earn daily interest on the investment amount. 

This app supports all methods of deposits like UPI, IMPS, and net banking. The transfer may take a few minutes to reflect in your wallet and you need to convert the deposited amount into the USDT format to start trading or investing. 

Small meme coins such as Kishu Inu are also available on the OKEX platform, so you can get the benefits of investing in small meme coins in a simple and easy way. Another advantage of OKEX is you can start daily earning on the different coins by adding your existing amount or coins into savings by selecting the earn option as shown below


WazirX is another popular app in India for crypto investment. You can also buy the most trending Shiba Inu coin on the WazirX platform. More than 100 cryptocurrencies are listed on the WazirX to trade or invest. The app allows you to trade in various currencies based on your location or requirement. 

Users can invest using INR, USD, BTC and P2P. WazirX also has its own coin WRX and users can buy it using INR as well. WazirX runs many contents regularly and users can get the opportunity to earn coins by participating in the contest. The app registration process is simple and quick with minimum requirements and you can start trading on the same day. 


CoinDCX is yet another popular cryptocurrency investment app and is widely used in the Indian continent. CoinDCX charges 0.1 fee for every transaction and the minimum withdrawal limit is set to Rs.1000 and maximum you can withdraw Rs.5,00,000 in a single day. 

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On the App, you can also get useful learning videos about investing in cryptocurrencies and how the crypto operates. So it is the best app for beginners and Apps are primarily introduced for the Indian people. CoinDCX only supports the INR deposit option and users can deposit amounts using NEFT, IMPS, UPI or with a simple bank transfer. 


Zebpay is also one of the ways to invest and trade in cryptocurrencies but it has limited coins listed on the platform. One of the advantages of using the Zebpay app is it gives the highest commission on the referral. Users can deposit for free in all cryptos, zebpay does not charge any fees for it. The minimum deposit amount from UPI is Rs.100 and from other forms of payment is Rs.1,000. 

Zebpay charges the fees to its members on a monthly basis, it charges 0.0001BTC per month. But members can avoid this fee by actively and regularly investing in the cryptos from the app. Zebpay offers free deposit in cryptos bit if you deposit amount from the UPI into the App then it charges you Rs.15 or for net banking 1.77 percent of the total deposited amount. For withdrawal, it charges Rs.10 for every withdrawal and for bitcoin it charges 0.0006 BTC. 


If you are looking for a USA-based cryptocurrency investment app then Gemini can be one of the best options for you. With a 4.5 rating from the Forbes Advisor Gemini listed more than 40 cryptocurrencies. Its convenience and easier usability come with a higher fee structure.  Its simple and easy-to-use interface is available in all 50 states of the USA including New York. Gemini follows a Coinbase-like fee structure for transactions and convenience fees.


The list may go on but these are a few popular and easy-to-use cryptocurrency investment apps new or experienced users may go with. Based on your requirement and trading volume, you can go with the app which suits best for you. 

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