Best Video Editing Apps for 2021

Video marketing strategy is one of the effective ways to get more reach but the editing of the videos is quite annoying and time-consuming work. You might have a quality camera or smartphone but editing your raw video or making it good to publish needs editing with third-party apps. You might need to connect with a computer but with the well-featured smartphone, you can edit it on your own.  Here we will discuss the 5 Best Video Editing Apps for 2021.

Few Common Features for Video editing apps

Every app has different features and functionality but there are some common features that are widely used while editing videos. As there are free and paid apps available in the marketplace, it is important to identify which app is necessary for you. 

Free apps Features 

  • Import photos and videos from your camera and files. 
  • Add music to the background.
  • Selection of aspect ratio.
  • Speedup or speed down the videos. 

Paid apps Features 

  • Unique fonts, gifs, animation.
  • High definition quality conversion.
  • Green screen detection.
  • Background changing.
  • No watermark.

Best Video Editing Apps for 2021

  • InShot

InShot is one of the popular and widely used editing apps. If you want to edit the videos for fun or want basic editing then InShot is the best option for you. Speed up, add music and filters to videos. With the InShot, you can also add the background to the videos. It’s an amazing feature to overlap the image above the video. InShot meets the basic requirement of video editing and if you want to edit the videos for fun then InShot is the best option for you. 


  1. Royalty free built in music library.
  2. Add voice over and your own voice. 
  3. 1M rating and 4.9 rating on the app store. 


  1. Desktop version not available.
  2. Filter option is only for the paid version.
  3. Watermark shown for free use of the app. 

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  • Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe is one of the popular image and video editing software. Adobe Premiere rush comes up with one amazing feature as it automatically sets your video to the music of your choice and offers an editor that allows you to customize your edits after this initial audio sync. It helps to trim, drag, drop multiple images and videos from your smartphone photo gallery or video gallery. 


  1. First choice by the adobe users. 
  2. User to use user interface for beginners.
  3. 4K supports a paid version.


  1. Reports about crashing for the android version.
  2. Limited storage capacity for free or trial version.
  • Lightworks

If you are looking for professional video editing then Lightworks is the best choice for you. Lightworks is the most advanced level video editing software and it is used by some award-winning and popular films and web series like The Wolf of Wall Street. Lightworks also come up in free and paid versions. The difference between free and paid one is that the paid version offers more features like advanced project sharing. The free version is also good to go as it provides 100+ effects and editing options. 


  1. Access royalty-free videos and audio from the desktop
  2. Export option upto 4K quality. 
  3. Free version allows multi track editing. 
  4. Lifetime license is only at $440.


  1. Difficult to use for beginners. 
  2. Few options for title and subtitles creation.
  3. Complaint on formatting issue while importing files. 
  • Quik

Quik video editing tool is developed by GoPro and it is available across all platforms Android, iOS, macOS, Windows. Quik is the first choice of people to shoot the videos with a GoPro camera but Quik can edit the content from all the sources as well. One project on the app can manage 75 photos and video clips. From time-lapses to panorama shots, quik can help you to edit your videos in many ways. There are 20 themes provided in the app and supported for 8 file types. 

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  1. Easy to use and Simple UI App
  2. Automatically imports photos from the device. 


  1. Manufacturer stops updates for the tool.
  2. Access to the cloud is only provided for a paid version. 
  • KineMaster

KineMaster is a widely used and most versatile video editing tool which is available for both Android and iOS. KineMaster allows you to edit videos on multiple layers. Content creators can add unlimited layers of text, images onto their videos based on their needs. KineMaster makes the video editing task more simple. That’s the reason it became more popular and used video editing apps. 


  1. Multitask editing, multiple layers and blending modes
  2. More than 3Million reviews on playstore
  3. Share to your social media profile directly from app
  4. Supports 4K export.


  1. Video is watermark with the free version of app
  2. Limited features for free version

Online video content is the most-watched and searched content. Providing quality videos is equally important to gain more visitors.  So based on the requirement, you can go with the video editing tool. List may go on but these are few widely used and popular video editing tools to modify the videos.

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