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Best Email Apps for Andriod and iPhone

Email is one of the important part of our life and it is a business need. The days are gone when you have to open a desktop to check the emails arrive in the inbox. A smartphone does the work within a minute. Here I am going to share the best email apps for you. If you are looking for best email apps for you, here are 10 best email app for Andriod and iPhone device.

  • Gmail

Gmail is an obvious option for people. Google provides free email service which we can use on a daily basis. Gmail is the way of communication for the people’s who don’t have a professional email account.


Apart from the email service Google also provide Gmail app for both Android and iPhone smartphone and it is one of the best email apps in the market which is free for the user. The user interface is really very simple and we can read all emails at a glance.

Email coming to your inbox also divide into three part name as primary, social and Promotions. This sorting functionality makes the user easy to check the important email in quick time. You can also schedule the email to send it on a specific time. Pick the date and time to send your Email, a popup will let you choose a date and time to send an email. Overall Gmail is the complete and best App for your Andriod and iPhone.

Supported Email Services: Gmail, Exchange, IMAP and POP

Download Link: Android / IOS

  • Outlook

Another good email app for the Android and iPhone is Outlook. Outlook, designed by Microsoft mostly used in industry to make communication with the client. The app is available for both Android and iPhone platforms.


The “Smart Inbox” feature gives access to the important email first. Also, the swiping features allow you quickly reply, schedule or delete the email. If you want to use an exchange account then Outlook has become more powerful as it will let you manage your calendar, schedule meeting and more. Outlook also includes third-party integration apps such as Slack, Dropbox, Trello and more.

Supported Email Services: Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo mail, iCloud, IMAP and POP.

Download Link: Android/ IOS

  • Spark Mail

Spark mail is a free email client for Android and iPhone devices. Design and user interface is functional and pleasing. Spark mail categories emails into two sections Personal and Newsletter. The personal section contains emails that you can respond and newsletter is the section generally user ignores and goes to the trash.

spark mail

You can also pin the important emails at the top and you can access them quickly. You can also go with the paid plans for the business purpose which gives you access to the extra features like share the emails with the team members and more. This app is the one the best email app and you can definitely try.

Supported Email Services: Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo mail, iCloud, Kerio Connect.

Download Link: Android/ IOS

  • Blue Mail

Blue Mail is another great third-party email app for Android and iPhone user. One advantage of using the Blue Mail App is it supports all kind of email services. No matter which email service you are using, Blue mail work for you.


Features include swiping gesture, schedule email, filter, signature support and many more. It also delivers smart mobile notification. You can apply the setting such as vibrate the phone on notification, turn on the flashlight on per account basis. Blue mail is packed up with the feature and you can enjoy them. It is also the best email app to use.

Supported Email Services: Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, AOL, Outlook, iCloud, Alto, Office 365, IMAP, POP3 and more.

Download Link: Android/ IOS

  • Proton Mail

If you value your privacy at top then its time to get the switch to Proton mail. Proton Mail has end-to-end encryption to your emails and even the creator of Proton Mail cannot read your Emails.

proton mail

If you have even doubt about the email services about the security then proton email is best to answer for you. Proton Mail is an open source app that means its code is available to examine by everyone. No one found any security issue with the app.

With the Proton Mail, your emails are automatically sorted and present with the most important mail first. Proton mail might be lacking in some features but the when security comes in front then Proton Mail is for you. As a security point of view, Proton mail is the best email app to use.

Supported Email Services: Proton mail

Download Link: Android/ IOS

  • myMail

myMail support for all email services, so you can go with it without bothering of email service you are used. The user interface of the app is quite easy to navigate. This app makes it easy to find important emails.

my mail

You will get access to the features such as achieving and snoozing emails, browsing attachment file directly from the app, ability to add labels and support for email threads. One highlight feature of the app is it uses OAuth authentication to sign in to Hotmail, Gmail and outlook account which not required user credentials. Access to the user data directly from Microsoft and Google’s server which ensure secure email login.

Supported Email Services: Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Outlook, iCloud, Rediffmail, blackberry mail, Live

Download Link: Android/ IOS

  • Nine Mail

Nine mail is a very good third party app for the Android and iPhone devices and for Business User. It supports direct push synchronization using Microsoft exchange’s Active Sync Technology which allows accessing the email instantaneously.

nine mail

Nine mail brings email, contact and calendar at one place.  Other features of the app include support for multiple accounts, push notification for folders, automatic setup for supported email services and full secure HTML support. If you are looking for email client from the perspective of a business, you should give it try once.

Supported Email Services: Exchange Server 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, Office 365, Exchange Online, Hotmail,, Outlook, MSN and Gsuite.

Download Link: Android/ IOS  (free 14 days trail)

  • AquaMail

If you are looking for simple to use email app then you must think about Aquamail. Aquamail is suitable for both type of user either business user or personal user. The most amazing feature provided by aquamail is create cloud backup using services Google Drive, Drop Box and more.

Aqua mail

Auamail also uses the 0Auth login process for Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail accounts with more secure login process. To give more control over the interaction over the mail app intigrate third party services. It also offer rich text formating service for drafting the emails. App also supports the theme allows you to change the look and feel as you want.

Supported Email Services: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and more

Download Link: Android

  • Airmail

Airmail is powerful and customizable third party email client for the iPhone users. This app looks beautiful and it is one of the best email app in look among the all listed apps. Airmail bring feature such as customizable swiping gesture, support for 3D touch,attachment preview, snooze, bulk editing and it also allow third party app integration with the app Trello, Evernote and Slack.


Airmail provide you custom filter which allows to create custom filter and save them to quickly get the important emails. If you are a iPhone user to should try it once.

Supported Email Services: Gmail, Exchange EWS, IMAP and POP3

Download Link: iOS ($4.99)

  • MailDroid

MailDroid is one of the oldest email client on the App store and design for the Android user. When we come to the features of the app, it doesn’t have back-end server looking at your mail.

mail droid

You can set up your POP, IMAP and Exchange coonections and client can directly speak to the server.

Supported Email Services: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL mail, Outlook, POP, IMAP,  

Download Link: Android

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