Best Digital Marketing Tools

Best Digital Marketing Tools

Being a digital marketer, I always look for the latest digital marketing tools that can make online marketing more easy and comfortable.

Digital marketing tools help us to define and design the strategies and analyze the market. The right tool can give you the best and effective planning.

Online marketing can not depend on only one digital marketing tool, marketers may use tracking tools like keyword rank tracker, google analytics for track and monitor traffic, Canva for designing the creatives, Mailchimp, Get Response for email marketing and the list continues.

To take your marketing strategy to the next level, here I have to provide you with the best and widely used digital marketing tools:

Google Analytics: – Best Digital Marketing Tool to Track Visitors

Nowadays, it’s hard to work as a digital marketer if you don’t have some level of experience in Google Analytics. It’s a gold standard for the website analysis.

Google Analytics can monitor and track the visitor of the website and their behaviour on the website. It tracks the location, device and the source of the visitor from where they are coming from.

Beyond that, you can also set up Goals to track the conversion and built e-commerce set up to track your online store setup and check the increase in e-commerce sales.

You can not see any marketer who doesn’t use Google Analytics.

Truly, most useful and widely used digital marketing tool.

Google Analytics - Best Digital Marketing Tools


  • Monitor and track daily traffic to the website.
  • Track the conversion ( such as contact form filled, e-commerce sale, phone call) on the website.
  • With Google Analytics, you can find what keywords people used to find you, which can help you to improve website SEO strategy.
  • Track the third party websites that send you traffic ( like Facebook, Twitter etc).
  • Integrate Google Analytics with dozens of Google and non- google applications such as AdWords AdSense, Search Console, YouTube etc.

Price: Free

Google AdWords – Best Digital Marketing Tool for Paid Advertising

Google AdWords is the most popular option for advertising on the Google search engine and google partner search engines. Amount deducted either on Pay-per-click or pay-per-call.

Google AdWords host keyword planner which is used to search the keyword for your ad and for your other content. The keyword planner is also very useful for keywords research in search engine optimization.

With AdWords, you can create a campaign for Apps, videos and Landing pages. These ads are PPC ads shown on the top and bottom of the search engine page.

AdWords is an excellent way to display your products and services on search pages for specific keywords.

Here are the types of AdWords campaign:

  • Search Network Campaign
  • Display Network Campaign
  • Video Campaign
  • Shopping Campaign
  • Universal App Campaign
Google Adwords


  • Target particular age group, gender, profession.
  • Select time for displaying the Ads.
  • Set shopping campaigns.
  • Remarketing to the visitors depending upon their interest and previous campaign.
  • Perform Faster than SEO.
  • Control on your Ad spend, choose how much you spend per month.

Price: Runs on Pay-per-click model

Google Webmaster Tool – Best Digital Marketing Tool

A webmaster is one of the widely used and necessary digital marketing tools. It comes in top of my best digital marketing tools list. It is a free tool powered by Google which allows keep a close eye on webpages indexing and help to optimize it.

With this tool, We can know the status of sitemap, internal and external link details, URL status and insights on keywords.

It measures your site search traffic and performance and fix issues.

Google Search Console


  • Information about latest incoming links and internal links.
  • Notification of crawl errors.
  • Get an update on your content placed on a website ( Title and meta description)
  • Review your website performance and ranking.
  • Check the status of Schema and breadcrumbs.
  • Remove old or expired URL.

Price: Free

Ahrefs – Best Digital Marketing Tool for Competitors Research

Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO tool to boost up your website traffic. This is the best digital marketing tool for the SEO expert to analyze the website.

They have a huge collection of data, 150 million keywords in the U.S. and more for other countries. Ahrefs is competition Analysis tool allows to check who is linking to your competitors, what are top pages of competitors also check where the content ranked for a competitor using Content Gap Tool.

Keywords Explorer let you know the links built for the particular keyword and Top Page tool let you know which page gets the most traffic and amount of traffic.

Ahrefs is a favourite tool for SEO experts and it is the most reliable tool for SEO.

Ahref tool


  • Keywords research for 10 search engines.
  • Get search traffic estimation for top 10 pages.
  • Track the backlinks growth.
  • Track the clicks for individual keywords.
  • Analyze SERP history.
  • Uncover content Gap between you and your competitors.
  • Check ranking history of any website for any keyword.
  • Monitor website outbound links.
  • Email alert for keyword ranking improvement.
  • Analyze internal backlink of any website.
  • Track the clicks data.

Price: starts from $99 to $399

Yoast – SEO for Everyone

Yoast is very popular and easy to use a plugin for WordPress websites. It works on both Gutenberg and the classic editor. Yoast helps to optimize your content for search engine.

It offers the features cornerstone content, add focus keyword, changes permalink and add internal links. An additional thing is it also evaluate your page readability.

A plugin is updated according to Google algorithm every two weeks, so you can stay up-to-date on your SEO.

Sitemap generation, breadcrumbs these features are inbuilt in the plugin. Yoast work in both block editor and classic editor.


  • Optimize for your keywords.
  • Internal linking suggestions.
  • Tell Google exactly what your page about.
  • Readability check for the content.
  • Control over breadcrumbs.
  • No duplicate content.
  • Working in every WordPress editor.
  • Focus keywords export.
  • Optimize for keywords, key phrases and synonyms.
  • Updated for latest Google algorithm.

Price: Free, paid premium plan for more than one websites

Proof – Best Digital Marketing Tool to Monitor Website

Proof connect with your website and uses social proof to boost conversations on your website. It works as targeting customers once they visit your site. It implements social proofs, reviews and videos towards targeted users.

It offers Live Visitor Count and Hot Steak Notification which improve customers perception for your brand and get a look at how other people look at your brand.

You can install it by just pasting their pixel on your website.

You can identify your visitors and their journey on your website, with the help of this you can optimize your site design for a higher conversion rate.

Proof - Digital Marketing Tool


  • Activity notification: display recent sales and drive visitors.
  • Live Visitor Count: check how many visitors browsing on your site.
  • Visitors identification: check detail profile of every visitor.
  • Customers behaviour: check visitors behaviour on your site.
  • Custom timing: decide how long and how fast notification display on your site.
  • Mobile optimize proof.
  • Language translation: translate notification into any language.

Price: based on the volume of your website, starting from $24/month

Slack – Best Digital Marketing Tool for Communication

Slack is one of the favoured communication tools for the business today. If you are looking for the best communication device for professional use then you can go with Slack digital marketing tool. 

Slack focuses and tied collaboration between team and employees. With slack business the conversation made easy and did not distract. It is an excellent tool for meeting and networking in the digital marketing space. You have freedom of joining and leave the channel when you needed. 

The good thing about slack is it has a wide range of integration with the other tools such as Google Drive, Zapier, Trello and so on. You can also automate the everyday task with the Workflow Builder. 

You can make the tool more powerful by integrating more tools with the Slack application. Slack is very easy to start and you can start work on it immediately. One of the best Digital Marketing tools among all communication tools.



  • Automate everyday task.
  • Add the RSS feed to slack.
  • Transfer bot user to another member.
  • Instantly copy messages another channel.
  • Send emails to slack and set a reminder.
  • Managing and tracking document.
  • Provide Advanced Search Modifier.
  • Lightning-quick navigation.
  • Streamlining your sidebar.

Price: Free, Custome pricing for Enterprises

Trello: – Best Digital Marketing Tool Content Management

Trello is content management tools used by many organizations to strategizing content. It’s boards, list and cards help you organise and priorities your project in a flexible and rewarding way. Trello can also be used to schedule a blog post for publication.

Trello provides a visual way to brainstorm and strategize content for businesses. Easily assign employees to the card so you can track the work assign for the employees. You can create cards and includes notes on the card topic, create deadlines for assign work. It can keep track of everything from pictures to notes. 


  • Gives you detail and quick overview of front and back cards.
  • Drag and drop editing.
  • Quick and easy organization of tags, labelling and comments.
  • Progress checklist.
  • Easy upload from Google Drive, Dropbox etc.
  • Quick file attachment.
  • Quick and easy content management.
  • Automated Email Notification.
  • Data Filter.
  • Mobile friendly views.
  • Cards record archive.
  • Information backup.
  • SSL data encryption.
  • Developer API.
  • Individual and Group task assignment.
  • Deadline alert and notification.

Price: Free, paid plans starting from $20.83

Canva – Best Digital Marketing Tool for Designing

This tool is always top in my digital marketing tools list when designing part comes into the picture. Canva is very easy to use, drag and drop designing platform.

User can create any type of image in any dimension. You can use custom pictures, shapes, icons, template and fonts from the catalogue. Canva offers a pleasing and simple way to design logos, facebook post, infographics, PPT, graphs based on your needs. Canva provide thousands of templates in all categories which makes user designing more stunning. So, make your stunning creatives with Canva.


  • Drag and drop editor.
  • Custome template.
  • Library of fonts.
  • Customize branding.
  • Photo Editing.
  • Social Media graphics template.
  • Crop images for a better design.
  • Add text to photos.
  • Add speech bubble maker.
  • Transparency tool.
  • Photo Enhancer and blur.
  • Design grids and photo frame.

Price: Free, $12.95/month for enterprises

Mailchimp: Best Tool for Email Marketing

Mailchimp is an email marketing and social advertising tool used to automate the email campaigns. 

You can track the traffic generated from the campaign and send newsletters to the subscribers. Additionally, it offers integration with other companies. Mailchimp is a powerful tool for email drip campaign. It is a good option for engaging with your audience through automated newsletters. 

Mailchimp is the best option for small and medium companies who don’t want to pay for a small list of subscribers. 



  • Provide Advanced Segmentation.
  • Distribution by Time Zone. 
  • Comparative Data report.
  • Campaign Sharing on Social Media.
  • Ready to Use Campaign Template

Price: Free and range up to $299

Buffer: Best Tool for Social Media Posting

Buffer is my favourite digital marketing tool to share the post on a social media platform. It allows the user to schedule a post for all integrated social media channels.

Buffer has plenty of features for the advanced user. You can publish your content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and All from one dashboard. 



  • RSS feeds connectivity.
  • Informative social analytics.
  • Multiple posts and tweets.
  • Social profile sharing.
  • Profile management.
  • Multi-media format sharing
  • Analytics and insights.
  • iOS and Android support
  • Customized scheduling

SEMRush – Digital Marketing tool for Competitors Analysis

SEMRush offers user detailed and advanced digital and SEO marketing metrics. Many digital marketing agencies prefer the use of SEMRush to perform a detailed website audit and report it to the client.

You can integrate SEMRush with Google Search Console and Google Analytics to track website performance. With the business subscription user can generate up to 10,000 reports in a day also provide multiple logins. It is a tool come with a lot of useful SEO metric that requires by any SEO expert. Subscription is a bit costly for the users who have a tight budget. It is useful for spying on your top competitors and plan strategies according to it.  The end result from the tool like keyword research, link building, social media engagement drives the right people to your traffic. It is robust all in one marketing suit.


  • Organic and Advertising research.
  • Backlink Analysis.
  • Competitors analysis.
  • Keywords position tracking.
  • Technical Audit report.
  • Ideas for gaining more organic traffic.
  • Discover new organic competitors.
  • Get insights into your competitor’s organic strategies.
  • Find the right keywords for your SEO and PPC campaign.
  • Define your product linking ads.
  • Research new opportunities for investment.
  • Set industry benchmark.
  • Gather all SEMRush data into one custom PDF file.

Price: start with $99.95/ month

Rankmath – WordPress plugin for SEO

I prefer Rankmath tool rather than the Yoast SEO tool because of features and functionality provided by Rankmath. 

It helps in writing SEO friendly content that rank higher on the search engine. It practically configures itself. It varifies your site setting and recommends an ideal setting for best performance. It sets up your sites SEO, social profile, Webmaster profile and other SEO settings. 

 It provides advanced feature snippet for your website. You can also preview how your post can preview in SERP. You can use the tools you want and can disable all other tools. 



  • Step-by-step and easy installation and configuration.
  • Configure Google Schema Markup.
  • Optimize unlimited keywords.
  • Google Search Console integration.
  • Google Keyboard ranking.
  • LSI keyword tool integration.
  • Advance SEO Analysis tool.
  • Smart redirection manager.
  • 404 error monitor.
  • SEO optimize breadcrumbs.
  • Internal linking suggestions.
  • Deep content analysis.
  • Optimize more than one keyword for post and page.
  • One-click import from other SEO tools.

Price: Free

VEED – Online Video Editor

VEED is an easy-to-use online video editor. It has tools that are intuitive and make video editing tasks simple. You can cut, crop, rotate, add music, text, generate subtitles automatically and even screen recording. The days of downloading clunky video software are over. VEED brings you one-click editing online. It’s used by thousands of content creators – marketers, teachers, creatives – with a focus on producing material that engages and grows audiences. They are adding new features all the time, and have great customer service (with a Live Chat) if you ever need help.

Take Away

Choosing the right tool for your business is very important to make a good outcome. These are the few best and useful digitals marketing tools that can grow your business to the next level.

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