Best apps to sell stuff online

Nowadays, Mobile applications are the most convenient and easy option to buy products, book hotels and sell your stuff. There are numerous applications in the market to buy products but when it comes to selling, it’s a time-consuming and researching task to find the best app. Here we will discuss the 8 best apps to sell stuff online and locally as well. 

Best apps to sell stuff online

  • OfferUp

OfferUp is one of the best applications to sell stuff online and locally as it offers rewards to repeat sellers who have a good customer experience. After the successful transaction, both buyers and sellers can leave feedback on the transaction. This feedback feature helps the user to know he is not going to scam and build trust before taking action. To add more security and gain trust, the user can also add his Facebook account to make sure that the profile is real and authentic. OffersUp is free for use and you can search listings by category and by zip code for local searching. 

  • eBay

Many people think that the eBay app is used for worldwide shopping and selling but it’s not true. Users can also search for local listings for bulky items like furniture but the buyer requires to pick them up. Make sure that when selling large items locally on eBay, choose the Local pickup only to avoid shipping costs. The selling process is easy and saves your money from paying for shipment. eBay also offers free local delivery if you live within the radius. 

  • Dealo 

Dealo app is easy and quick to use and allows users to download, register, buy and sell within a minute. Dealo is a bit similar to Craigslist but easier to use because buyers can contact directly over the phone or by email. Many applications allow communication within the app only but Dealo offers a secure chat option to protect the information until you meet up. Dealo is a global app, you need to set it up locally before using it. However, few items are easy to sell with one phone call or email. 

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If you want to sell or swap clothing from your wardrobe then Vinted is the best option for you. Swapping is the best feature provided by Vinted and is cost-effective to swap your clothing with another person. Users need to pay the commission when they sell clothing over Vinted. Users can list any brand of clothing free of cost. Users can get the best reruns on branded and designer clothes which are less common. Selling to the other city or another state user is also easy with the Vinted as it accepts the credit cards as well. With easy to set up shipping VInted can be a good option for selling your clothing. 

  • Bookoo

Bookoo is a family-friendly app that can deliver the product across the globe. Bookoo is a mixture of classified apps and social media platforms. Sellers and buyers have to create the profile and can add them to the friend list as well. It helps to build a level of trust among the buyer and seller before meeting each other. All the sales on Bookoo are made locally, so users need not worry about the shipping charges. One of the best things about Bookoo is if your city is not listed on it, you can request one. 

  • VarageSale

VarageSale is another user-friendly app that sells the product across the globe. Users can use VarageSale to sell and trade for free of cost. Products can be new and used like smartphones, electronic gadgets and furniture. Sellers and buyers have to create the profile on it with the profile picture and name, until you update the name and picture, you are not able to schedule a meeting. VarageSale offers 24 hours support, so users can call them if they find any suspicious activity on the app. Because of its safety feature, VarageSale is one of the largest selling apps across the world. 

  • Recycler

Recycler is one of the first online classified applications. You may get quick success with the Recycler app if you are trying to sell used cars or go for a rented house. Recycler is a regional selling app similar to Thrifty Nickel. Most product listings are from California. But it also serves the Midwest and Coast. As Recycler is an old and first classified app, it has a loyal following. 

  • Wish Local

Wish Local has two different sides, first, buyers can use it to find the lowest price from the retailers and second, they can also wish for a local feature that allows them to buy or sell goods locally. Wish app is unique from other apps because it is available across all platforms like Android, iOS, Amazon and Microsoft. 


There are plenty of apps that are available to sell the products and goods locally. Finding the best apps to sell the product is time-consuming and annoying but with the above list of applications, you can go with the app suitable for your listing and location. Though many listed apps are available in the USA only, few of them also offer services across the globe. 

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