best android apps for 2019

Best Andriod Apps for 2019

Nowadays, smartphone’s are an important part of our life. Everything from searching to making, all data is easily available on the mobile. Applications make this job perfect for us. From navigation to calculations, we use applications for the work. There are 2.1 million apps are available on google play store. We have a wide range of applications to choose from. With any other discussion, we are a list out 12 most useful and best Android Apps for 2019.

Here is the List of Best Andriod Apps for 2019

  • Accu Weather
Accu weather - rrtechnosavvy

This app helps us to get live weather report and storm alert. With the 4.4 rating and over 50 million downloads this app top in the weather report alert.

Weather alert from the AccuWeather is superior and accurate. You can also get real-time weather alert and severe warnings about the weather on demand. You can be prepared for the sudden weather change with live alerts and accurate weather forecast.

You can get hourly, daily reports and map representation of your area weather.

AccuWeather also shows the result for the multiple locations, so you can check the weather of other cities as well on a single click. You can also share the report with your contact list on a single click. You can also check 15 days ahead of forecast with the AccuWeather. This is the best Andriod app for use.

Get the App now: AccuWheather

  • ClearScanner
cam scanner - rrtechnosavvy

I recommend this application to everyone. This is one of my favourite application. It is a mini pocket scanner for you. It scans the document and converts it into PDF as well.

It can immediately scan any kind of document such as bills, office documents, notes and convert it into high-quality images. So anything you need at the moment is in your device within no time.

Clear Scanner is the must app for every student, employee, businessman any other person. This app automatically detects a corner of the file for the better quality and along with it, you can also crop the part of the document that you want to scan. This is a fantastic feature and gives liberty to the user.

Apart from this, there are so many autocorrecting features available in this app such as adjusting the brightness, removing the shadows, straightening the image for the better quality and result.

Get the App Now: ClearScan

  • Vaulty – Best Android Apps for 2019

This app is used to protect the data (images and videos) from the other peoples. With 4.6 rating and more than 10M downloads, this is one of the best Android Apps in 2019. You can hide the images and videos that you don’t want other people to see. It is easy to use application.

Hide Picture and videos in vaulty

  1. Open vaulty and tab the lock icon on the top
  2. Tap an album
  3. Tap thumbnail to select files and tap on a lock to hide them.

You can also share the videos and picture from other apps

  1. Tap share icon to share video or picture,
  2. Select vaulty from the list of app,
  3. Vaulty will remove the picture or video and hide it in the app.

Security features:

  1. Hide image and videos and look up in the vaulty gallery.
  2. Stay protected with PIN or text password to protect vault.
  3. Save your hidden media even if your phone is broken or lost.
  4. Keep different vaults to show different peoples.
  5. Snap a pic of anyone who enters the wrong password.

Download App: Vaulty

  • Bouncer – Best Android Apps for 2019
bouncer- rrtechnosavvy

It is a paid application but worth the price. This is one of the useful apps that’s the reason to include in the best android apps for 2019.

Bouncer app provide functionality to gives permission temporarily.

Suppose you want to take a photo or tag location but don’t want to give permission to camera and GPS to use everywhere, Bouncer gives you exactly same. It grants permission temporarily. As soon as you exited from the app bouncer will automatically remove the permission for you. You can get back to what you doing without having worry about app permission. Its designs for one-time permission only.


  1. Increase battery life.
  2. Increase security and privacy.
  3. Never worried about the apps what they doing the background.
  4. No complicated setup.

Bouncer is a trusted app, as it can turn off permission and turn it on as well. But it cannot see info inside the apps except for the setting app. Bouncer does not have the internet permission so even if it gets sensitive information it can get transmit it anywhere.

Download App: Bouncer Rs.70

  • Google Drive Suite

Google drive is a safe place for your documents. Put them in your reach from any smartphone, tablet and smartphone. The files stored at drive like videos, images, documents are backed up safely so you can not lose them. You can also easily share the files with your friends with restricted access like read-only or write. This is among the best android apps for 2019.

Features of Google Drive:

  1. Safely store your files and access them from anywhere.
  2. Search by name and content.
  3. Easily share files and folders with other people.
  4. View your content quickly.
  5. Set access level to view, comment or edit.
  6. Enable viewing of files offline.
  7. Scan paper document with your device camera.
  8. Access pictures and videos from Google Photo.

Downoad App: Google Drive

  • Google Maps – Best Android Apps for 2019
google maps

Nevigate the world faster and easier with the help of Google Maps. Over 220 countries and territories mapped and hundreds of millions of business placed on the map.

Google Map gives you real time GPS nevigation and traffic information.


  1. Beat traffic with real-time ETA.
  2. Catch your bus or train and shared real-time info.
  3. Share automatic rerouting based on live traffic.
  4. Discover local restaurants and events and activities.
  5. Know what’s trending and new places opening in your areas.
  6. Group planning made easy.
  7. Create a list of favourite places and shared with your friends.
  8. Offline maps to share and navigate without an internet connection.
  9. Indoor maps to quickly find out your way inside big places.

Download App: Google Map

  • Google App
google assistant

Google app know you about the things that matter you. Find quick answers, explore your interest and stay up-to-date with the world around. This app is first in my choice and one of the best android apps for 2019 to stay up-to-date.


  1. Search and browse nearby shops and restaurants.
  2. Live scores and schedule.
  3. Movies timing, cast and reviews.
  4. Find videos and images.
  5. News, stock information and more.
  6. Know about the topics that are interested in you.
  7. Start the morning with weather and top news.
  8. Follow interesting topics.

Download App: Google App

  • LastPass Password Manager

This is an amazing app with superb functionality. Nowadays everything is protected with the password and it getting difficult to remember all the password, LastPass help in the same way. This app stands at the top level in my list and best android apps for 2019.

LastPass is a password manager and password generator that’s lock your passwords and sensitive information in a secure vault. From LastPass, you can store password and login, generate strong passwords. All you have to remember your LastPass master passwords and LastPass will autofill your web browsers for you.

Stop getting frustrating from resetting the passwords and do the smart work. Let the LastPass remember password for you.

Download the LastPass now and get the protection you need for your online information. You can also use LastPass across all your devices like smartphone, tablets and desktop.

Features of LastPass:

  1. Store username and passwords for all your online accounts securely.
  2. For android Oreo and future Os, LastPass will automatically save username and passwords to the vault.
  3. Password will automatically be filled in for you as you visit the site.
  4. Securely store information like credit numbers.
  5. Create a secure password with the one click.

You can also get more with the LastPass premium app

  1. Unlimited sharing of passwords and notes.
  2. 1GB encrypted file storage.
  3. Premium multi-factor authentication.
  4. Priority tech support.
  5. Desktop fingerprint authentication.

Download App: LastPass Password Manager

  • Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher

Nova launcher is a powerful and customizable home screen replacement. It brings advanced features to enhance home screen and still user-friendly and best for everyone.


  1. It brings the latest Android launcher features to all phone.
  2. Nova supports thousands of icon theme available in play store.
  3. Night mode comes on automatically at a specific time.
  4. Features like a vertical and horizontal scroll, page effect and immersive options.
  5. Backed is stored locally and can be transferred to the cloud.
  6. Nova has highly optimized, snappy and smooth animations.

Download App: Nova Launcher

Do more with Nova Launcher Prime:

Unlock Nova Launcher Full potential with Prime App

Gesture: swipe, pin, double tap and more on the home screen.

App Drawer Group: Create custom tab and folder in drawer.

Hide Apps: Remove apps from the app drawer.

Custom Icon Swipe Gesture: Assign swipe gesture to the home screen.

Download App: Nova Launcher Prime

  • Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS is a beautiful and next generation SMS app and is fast and secure and with all the features and customization as user want.

This app reimagine your messaging experience by making your messages available across all your devices.

Pulse is free to use on the phone and with full of features. It has the ultimate texting experience.


  1. Unparralled design and fluid animations.
  2. Global and pre-conversion theme option.
  3. Password protected and private conversations.
  4. Share GIF with your messages.
  5. Powerful searching through messages.
  6. Automatic message backup and restore.
  7. Preview web links.
  8. Delay while sending gives your time to edit the message.
  9. Dual SIM support.

Download App: Pulse Message

Pulse if completely free on your phone – with no ads. To text from another device, you have to pay a small subscription fee or one-time payment.

$0.99 / month

$1.99/ three month

$5.99/ year

Or $10.99 for one time purchase.

These are some useful and best Andriod Apps for 2019. The list will go on and in future, I will update the article with more Apps information. The apps not ranked according to the popularity and Installations. Hope the article will help you to find a useful application.

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