Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4

We all Know what Apple make. Off Course iPhone’s but keep the iPhone as the main course, Apple introduces all of us with the dessert – Apple Watch. I know all of us are more curious about this smartwatch features. As a big Brand Apple maintain his standard while introducing us with the Apple Watch Series 4.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a relatively new product but since the inspection, it has become most preferred smartwatch.

As the years goes down, the mobile phones get converted to the smartphone. Nowadays latest technology smartphone’s comes in the market. The simple Analog watches also change to the smartwatches with the full of features and functionality. If someone asked how would you explain the technology company becomes a watchmaker company? The answer lies in Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 4 Design

We often see Apple does not make anything new with his product including the iPhone’s but with the series 4 smartwatch, they made several changes. Like the Series 4 watches come in the 40mm and 44mm versions which are bigger than the series 3 versions of 38mm and 42 mm respectively. Keep in mind these sizes refer to the case size.

Series 4 smartwatch also comes in slightly thinner and sleeker than the previous series 3 watches. It looks little curvy and fits on the wrist perfectly, the size is just perfect.

As we see the display size of the new series is 30% bigger than the previous generation of Apple Watch and doesn’t give chunky look at all. The Digital Crown of the watch also become thinner and comes with good feedback. In Series 4 smartwatch it is easier to scroll the apps on the screen and can easily navigate as well.

The side buttons also take less space and are easy to press, located on the right-hand side of the watch. The series 4 comes with Silver Stainless Steel and Gold color as well. The Gold color is most preferably by the users.

Apple Watch Series 4 Display

Apple takes care of reducing bezels on the display while making series 4 smartwatch. You can see fewer bezels on the screen. Most of the UI of series 4 is black and bezel-free. Making the corner rounded pushes the screen close to the edge. Curved Edges gives an attractive look to the Series 4 Apple Watch.

Watch has to pack too much information on a display such as weather, heart rate, UV Index and many more others. One of the best thing about Apple Watch series 4 is there is very less reflectiveness on the display. We can see display even in bright Sunlight without any reflection. It is reader-friendly and looks good. Apple uses tweaked OLED display with LTPO technology in Series 4 Watches. It is very appreciating that too much information fit in a small device.

Apple Watch Series 4 Performance

Apple smartwatch is smarter than any other watch but Apple also saying that this gadget also shows a positive impact on the user’s health. Notification plays an important role when we use this watch for fitness activity. For example, sometimes we miss out activating the workout on the app then watch will detect you are working out or remind you to start the workout.

Even you can check the accuracy of the app by counting the steps manually and the watch also shows you exactly the same number.

For the long-distance running, it is also very useful as it gives pace alert to the user. Apple has also added a new tracking feature for Yoga and Hiking.

The Three feature- Move, Activity and stand – play the role of motivator and it will motivate user and push yourself to achieve the goals.

Apple Watch Series 4 Battery

The company claims that the battery life of Apple Series 4 smartwatch is 18 Hours. On a single charge if you switched off the watch on the night then it will go up to 2 days. Probably it will go a bit more than 18 hours on a single charge.

A magnetic charger comes with the Apple series 4 watch charged the watch quickly, it does the fine job. Apple series 4 smartwatch charger is faster than any other product of Apple.

No doubt, Apple is the biggest brand in the world and smartwatches is just going to enhance Apple’s position and reputation.


Overall, Series 4 smartwatch from Apple is a great and useful product with the necessary and advanced features. Fitness and health cautious person must refer it.

The price of Apple series 4 smartwatch for 40 mm is Rs.40,900 and for 44mm it is Rs. 43,900. The price shows here is for India only.

Is it worth the price? It is a futile question when you come the buy the Apple product. It’s about user need but in the given price Apple gives you the best feature gadget.

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