best platform to build single-page web applications

AngularJS for single-page web applications

Demand and popularity of single-page web applications are growing in recent days as the focus on the framework is increased. There are many platforms to build web applications but Angular is the first choice of the developer because it brings many features to the table. People see the Angular platform as an easy and reliable option for web applications. In this article, we will discuss why AngularJS is the best platform to build single-page web applications.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is the powerful JAVA-based framework-building platform referred to by many UI developers. It is the best option to build dynamic web applications. AngularJS developers can use the HTML as the template language for design and it can also extend HTML syntax to design and develop your application components. One of the benefits of using AngularJS is that the developer has no need to make the coding because of AngularJS data binding and dependency injection. All the processes happen within the browser, it is an ideal partner with any server technology.

Core Features of AngularJS

Data Binding

Data binding refers to the automatic integration between models and the view elements. With AngularJS you can think of your application model as the single source of truth, that is the specialty of the data binding execution. A change in the model will reflect the view elements and a change in view elements will reflect the model. With the AngularJS data binding, instead of conventional one-way binding, two-way data binding occurs. 


A scope is a built-in object which contains application data and different methods. The scope is an intermediary between the view and controllers acting as objects which are also referred to as models. AngularJS places the scope in a hierarchical way for the application. We can say that scope is like glue between the controller and view/HTML.


Controllers refer to the Javascript functions that link to the specific scope. The basic functionality of the controller is to specify the controller in HTML elements/ views which add the behavior to the HTML element. With the controller function, you can attach the properties and methods to the scope objects. Ng-controller directive is used to specify the controllers in the HTML elements. 


Services are the broad category of AngularJS which passes value, functionality, or features to the application whenever needed. Service is a class with a well-defined purpose. Services are the most effective way to increase the modularity and reusability within the application. Different tasks which can be assigned in service are fetching data from the server, validating user input and log in to the console. 

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Templates are generally predefined components usually written in HTML which includes attributes and elements that belong to the AngularJS family. It tell AngularJS how to render the components.

Why is AngularJS highly appreciated for Single page applications?

In the single-page application, users need not roam on the different pages of the application, they can get what they want on the single page only. So it is best to carry less amount of work and minimum coding to carry single-page applications. AngularJS provides scalability for the single-page application. Here are a few reasons why I go with AngularJS for a single-page application.

Quick loading

A single-page application developed on the AngularJS platform loads quickly. The component router feature in AngularJS makes it possible by splitting of codes. This enables the user to load only necessary requests. 

Compatible with all platforms

AngularJS framework makes single-page applications compatible with every other platform. 

Excellent support for UI

It delivers an excellent user interface for the users. 

Easy Maintenance 

Developing single-page applications in the AngularJS framework makes future maintenance work easy.


The job of making single-page applications in AngularJS is much easier when you have good control of the platform. As AngularJS provides options to build the animations, complicated functionality with the minimum coding. It makes it possible to build interactive and user-friendly applications with greater flexibility. 

Overall, considering all the features and functionalities, AngularJS is a great option to build single-page web applications with great flexibility and UI. 

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