Amazon Cloud Cam

Amazon Cloud Cam 

Amazon on of the leading E-commerce company introduced with amazing Indoor security device camera  Amazon Cloud Cam. Check out more information about Cloud Cam.

Amazon Cloud CAM is a wired indoor security camera which is available in two versions. One is standalone and the other one is Key edition. Key edition of amazon cloud camera is a wired camera and which also connect to the smart lock.

With the comparison with the other cameras, Amazon Cloud Cam comes with 1080P Resolution. It can capture a shot at 30 frames per second. It provides up to 4Z zoom and also enables night vision which makes the camera more useful and first choice to buy. Other features are Live streaming of moments, 2-way audio, motion sensor technology and up to the 120-degree field of view. Amazon Cloud Cam only lack in security sensors and battery backup. 

Performance of Amazon Cloud Cam


As responsiveness comes into the picture, Amazon Cloud Cam impressed the audience. Camera having fast connectivity and easy installation. It gives a continuous sound alert for any abnormal activity and most important is it streaming continuously to provide better security. Woke uptime of camera is also less as compared to other Home Security cameras

Video Quality: 

Cloud Cam lagged other cameras when it comes to the video quality and comparison of daytime streaming quality. It provides a clear and narrow view compared to the other. When comes to the video quality at night, the camera performs better and provide the best night vision performance when comes to spotlighting. At the time of spotlighting it swapped from night vision today vision. The camera uses 8 IR LED’s for night vision and provides good night vision.

Home Protection:

Amazon offers both free and paid plans for the product user. According to plan features and facilities changes. The free plan does not provide a longer video history while paid plan gives you longer video history. For the trial basis, you can try out a free plan and move to the paid plan. The paid plan includes the features longer video history, person detection which is the most useful feature, and also support for additional cameras which are not included in the free plan. When comparison of the costing comes to the picture Amazon Cloud Cam goes higher than the other cameras such as Nest but the higher cost covers multiple cameras. 

Amazon Cloud Cam offer 9.99$/month and 14 days of storage for the 5 cameras. 

The free plan includes app access, Push notification, geo-fencing and monitor for one type of event motion.

Free Features Review:

Amazon offers to add up to 3 cameras to the one account for free also provide 24 hours of video history. User can also view or monitor from the mobile app which is also free. Amazon Cloud Cam can record up to until motion stops and maximum clip length is 300 Sec.

Motion Detection:

The camera is designed with motion detection which can reduce false alarm. User can also set alert for different time intervals such as 10 min, 30 min, 4 hours, daily and never. If user select never option then the camera will be continuously monitored without any alert. User can also adjust sensor sensitivity level, choose between high, medium and low (20ft, 10ft, 5ft) away respectively from the app. Amazon Cloud Cam is also smart enough to ignore common events like a lamp on/off, set camera on/off by its own with the help of geo-fencing. 

Geo-fencing works on your smartphone presence. When you are at home, the camera will be disarmed and when you are away from home it will automatically arm. With the help of the app, you can start/stop this feature and you can also set your camera location.

Amazon offers this feature for free with two omissions. First, which is less serious that is it is lack of customization. While you choose your camera location you can not set the radius of geofence radius. Second, it does not support multiple users. 

Working with Alexa and Mobile App:

You may not share access with the multiple users but you can access it from multiple devices. The sad news is Cloud Cam does not use Alexa App. Instead, it uses its own cloud cam app which supported with the android, iOS and FireOS. It also works with Alexa enabled devices.

Most of the Alexa enabled features are limited to those who use Alexa device with a screen. If you are part of the lucky crowd then you can ask Alexa to stream a live feed from the camera to your device. You can also be asked to stream most played video clips.  Cloud Cam also supports advanced Alexa-enabled features.

The Cloud Cam Skills automatically enabled on all available Alexa devices which Amazon listed such as Echo Show, Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Fire TV (lacks notification support), and Alexa-enabled Fire Tablets Gen 7+.

Premium Features Reviewed

Person Detection and Zones

Person detection and zones are the keys to reduce false alarms. From the App, the user should choose what Cloud Cam trigger. For example, the user can turn motion detection off and person detection. User can also select 4 rectangular shaped motion zones. If motion happens within the defined area, Cloud Cam will ignore the activity. This will be helpful for eliminating high activity zones like ceiling fans or televisions and other electronic products.

Person detection is one of the favourite features as it can reduce the number of alerts that you have to deal with. You can either choose motion alerts or person alerts or both.

The camera does a great job of detecting people’s. But several time a person is in the picture and it will mark as event motion, not a person. Thankfully, the missed events were sandwiches by person events so you can feel confident that an alert would have been sent regardless.

Where Cloud Cam Loses

  • When it comes to Cloud Cam, Amazon cut a few corners:
  • Amazon Cloud Cam lacks in Scheduling features.
  • No Battery backup.
  • Customer Support service is quite poor( don’t expect much from tech support)
  • Lack of local storage.
  • Lack of Sound Detection.
  • Does not support multiple users.
  • Indoor Use Only.

While Amazon Cloud Cam is not perfect. It provides a consistent live streaming experience. Geofencing works most of the time makes the task of arming and disarming the camera. It’s Camera’s responsiveness that makes it so appealing, and the price doesn’t hurt either.

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