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The world of SEO is Dynamic. The advanced SEO techniques and tricks you have used this year to rank the website might not be useful next year. Google Changes their ranking algorithm periodically and we must aware of that to get the better result in SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page).

What is SEO?

Their are 1,955,733,973 number of websites google indexed and this number is increasing continuously. So Google has developed an algorithm to index and check the popularity of the website. This algorithm work on criteria such as page relevancy, popularity, loading speed and many more. SEO help people to rank them in the Google algorithm.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the way of ranking your website on any search engine. There are some techniques to follow such as ON-page SEO techniques and Off-page SEO techniques. On-page work on load time of website and Off-page is work on link building for the website.

In this article, we will discuss advanced SEO techniques that will help you to rank your website in 2019.

  • Write RankBrain Friendly Content

RankBrain is a machine learning System that helps Google to sort the search results. To enhance search ranking results, Google uses an algorithm known as RankBrain. RankBrain algorithm work like a human. Whenever we search a particular word, RankBrain breaks down it into word vector. That helps it fetch more relevant result.

The best and unique aspect about this algorithm is it just not focus on your current query. Based on your previous query search it altered your result for the latest query.

To improve the ranking of the website, you need to optimize your content for RnkBrain SEO. Use of Medium tail keywords and quality content that people can love, you may achieve the best result in RankBrain.

For Example, Two Websites ranked on the first page with #1 and #4 spot respectively. If a user clicks on #1 website and exit from it after few second and click on #4 website and spend more time on it. This can happen many times then RankBrain put #4 website on #1 place and decrease rank of #1 to the #4. Refer below image to understand it more easily.

pogo stick effect1

  •  Rank Content in Featured Snippet

According to the study from SEMRush, 11.3% of the result have featured Snippet. Featured Snippet can attract a lot of clicks from #1 Spot. Addition of Featured Snippets is one of the advanced SEO techniques. According to the research, Featured Snippet can increase website traffic faster than other ways of increasing website traffic.

Many people have the question, How we can Rank content in Featured Snippet?

Your First step is to Find

  1. Keywords that you already rank for
  2. Keywords that have featured Snippet

It is important to focus the keywords that you ranked for already because 99.10% of Featured Snippet is from ranked one page for that term.

Important thing is, if you don’t rank in top 10 then you don’t have a chance to rank in the featured snippet.

You can find the keywords for which you are looking to rank in the featured snippet with the Organic Report from Ahref tool.

The second thing is to create a snippet bait. Snippet bait is a special design content block to rank in Featured Snippet.

We have to use 40 to 60-word snippet bait because according to the SEMRush research more than 6 billion website use 40 to 60 words featured snippet block.

There are many types of featured snippets, some of them are as shown below.

  • Paragraph Featured SnippetParagraph Snippet
  • List Snippet

list snippet

  • Table Snippet

Table Snippet

  • In-depth Article always wins

In older days, Google analyzes your HTML page to see the keyword density for the page. In fact, they focus 100% on your page content. Google spider check your page for keywords in

  1. Title tag
  2. URL
  3. Image Alt text
  4. H1,H2 Tag
  5. Meta Description

But today’s Google is much smarter than they used to be. Instead of measuring only Content they also focus on Context.

Google job is to provide best and relevant content to the user and the job can not be done with the keywords stuff content but with the page which covers the topic in-depth.

In-depth Article gives user everything at one place and the study also shows that in-depth article also getting more chance to rank faster than short length articles.

What is the Ideal Length of Content?

Publish the Content that is at least 1500 to 2000 words. So that you can cover everything that the searcher needs to know about the topic. Ranking factor proves that long articles can easily outrank the short articles on Google.


Article length

A second most important thing when publishing content is to add more LSI keywords in the Content. Addition of LSI keywords is one of the best practice and best SEO technique.

You can find the LSI keywords from the  LSI Graph.

LSI keywords show that you covered all the topics in the article.

  • Optimize for Google’s Mobile First Index – Advanced SEO Techniques

A few months ago, many users got the mobile first index message on their console dashboard.

That means onwards Google consider your websites Mobile Version as Real Version for ranking.

As technology getting Advanced, smartphones have come up with more and more functionality and the number of users of smartphones is also increased day by day.

Today, 70% of Google searches done from the mobile device, this makes a difference.

The simple way to get deal with this advanced SEO techniques is to optimize your content and website for the mobile version. The content on the website must align, properly visible on the mobile.

You can also, check for AMP( Accelerated Mobile Pages) errors on the search console dashboard and can test your website for Mobile-Friendly content.

Mobile Friendly Test

  • Go with the Videos – Advanced SEO Techniques

People nowadays give more preference to the videos than the Articles. So if you want to keep alive in a race of ranking, you must be updated with videos for your content. Visual content is more easily adopt than text content.

Video traffic will increase rapidly day by day. In fact according to Cisco, by 2021 videos can make 80% of the online traffic. So, it’s a great move to keep updated with this one of the important ranking factors in Search Engine Optimization.

Get an Advantage of videos in advanced SEO techniques with the most popular video platform ‘Youtube’. Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine after Google. You can also do Youtube SEO to boost the rank of your videos on Youtube.

You can Embed Video Content with Text-based Article, it is always a best practice to embed videos in articles.

  • Optimize for Voice Search

Voice search concept introduce in 2008but widely used from 2018. Voice search getting increase sharply and it is the next big thing is SEO.

  • 44% of people’s perform Voice search once.
  • Voice search increase by 35X from 2008.
  • 20% of all searches on mobile are voice search.

Google Assistant, Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon and Cortana from Microsoft provide voice searches and they are getting more popular day by day. Optimize for Voice search is also a big factor in Advances SEO techniques.

How to Optimize for Voice Search?

1) Your content needs to be rank high on Google to optimize for Voice Search.

2) Your content must appear in Featured Snippet for voice search.

3) Include Questions and Answers in your Article

4) Add Schema markup for your every article.

  • Optimize for Speed

Recently Google Webmaster tool has been updated with Speed matrix under Enhancment tab. Google has clear its vision that the website which has good speed will rank better on Search engine. 

This move from the Google clears that website speed has big priority while ranking the webpage. You can check the website speed and website optimization with the help of new PageSpeedInsights tool.

This tool measure the website performance as:

  • Optimization quality
  • Loading time of real user

People confused about the website page speed effect on ranking. Many people denied that but it can affect indirectly on ranking by increasing Bounce rate and increasing dwell time. 

Studies by the Google shows that most people leaves website after 3 seconds. So if your website is not optimize for speed you will loose your visitors and ultimately increase bounce rate. 


  • FAQ Rich Snippet

Google announced that they will now support the FAQ strucutre data. It is one of the advanced SEO techniques. So you can add FAQ section to your snippet or page. Check out how they look like:

FAQ rich Snippet

But Google set the guidelines to use the FAQ snippet such as you do not make advertising in it, not allow to submit alternative answers and content must be visible to all users.

How to Use FAQ Snippet:

Their is a plugin to add FAQ snippet to your WordPress Site known as Structured Content Plugin. but here we can see how to add FAQ rich snippet to non wordpress sites as well.

I used mathew woodwards tool FAQ Code Generator to generate FAQ snippet code because it help for both wordpress and other plateforms. You just need to add Quetions and asnwers and it will generate the code. If you want put that code for particular wordpress page or post then mention page id or post id and simply copy that code to function.php file at the bottom. Thats it.

For other plateform you just copy that code and paste it in head tag of specific page.

FAQ rich snippet generator

Check the Code with Structure Schema Testing Tool for any error.

Note: FAQ structure data is only for official quetions and answers, dont add FAQ to forum pages or sites where user can submit quetions and answers.


These are some techniques and tricks you must follow in 2019 to get a result in SERP. Google changes their algorithm frequently and no one knows exactly how to they rank content on the search engine and SEO is a process on making your content as Google algorithm wants, So we can follow these Advance SEO Techniques and Rank on SERP.

Advanced SEO Techniques 2019 to Boost Website Ranking
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Advanced SEO Techniques 2019 to Boost Website Ranking
Google changes there algorithm regularly, We must be updated with the changes and implement it to boost ranking. Read Article for Advanced SEO Techniques.
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