Actors are intriguing individuals because it’s clear they can mold themselves seamlessly into many personalities. We watch them be funny, serious, good guys and bad, and follow them through a variety of roles during their careers.

These multi-talented people often have interests that lay outside of the big and small screens or stage. It can be jarring to find that award-winning actors have hobbies and interests that many of us non-celebs do, and offer a sense of connection with people who otherwise feel so far out of reach.

Here are some well-known actors who have passions outside of portraying others.

Adam Wylie, Magician

Adam Wylie’s face is familiar to so many people, as well as his voice thanks to the many voiceover gigs he’s had.

He is well-known for his role as Zack Brock on the American family drama Picket Fences, as well as being Brad Langford in Gilmore Girls, guest-starring in 7th Heaven as Martin, and appearing as Jack in Stephen Sondheim’s Tony Award-winning revival of Into the Woods on Broadway in 2002.

One thing Adam also loves to do is play tricks of the magic variety. He is an accomplished close-up sleight of hand magician who can be seen on Masters of Illusion on the CW. He uses his 25 years of industry experience to provide funny and entertaining tricks that wow.

Brad Pitt, Pottery Maker

This Hollywood heartthrob is known the world over for roles like Rusty in Ocean’s Eleven, Tyler Durden in Fight Club, and Achilles in Troy. He’s recently found his way to a more relaxing type of entertainment – pottery.

Brad has a sculpting studio in his home and has been known to spin the pottery wheel alongside friend and co-star Leonardo DiCaprio.

Brad has always appreciated art and design, and has taken the next step by creating pieces of his own.

Nicole Kidman, Skydiver

Celeste Wright, Joanna Eberhart, Alice Harford – Nicole Kidman is known by many names, though there is one you might be surprised by.

“Licensed skydiver” can also be added to Nicole’s repertoire. She famously participated in the activity with ex-husband Tom Cruise, and it’s a hobby that has stuck.

She has spoken on how it terrifies yet exhilarates her, and she encourages others to seek the same thrill at least once in life. Nicole has expressed time and again that skydiving is “the closest thing to flying.”

Jennifer Garner, Saxophone Player

Jennifer is known as one of show business’s sweetest actresses, and has been in the hit TV show Alias as well as films 13 Going on 30 and Daredevil.

She also plays the sax.

During the pandemic Jennifer played a song during Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show!, and showed up to her friend Reese Witherspoon’s house in full marching band outfit to serenade her by sax with Happy Birthday.

Leslie Mann, Unicyclist

This comedic actress is known for her roles in The Cable Guy, Knocked Up, and This is 40. She’s also hell on one wheel.

When she was 10, Leslie received a unicycle for Christmas and fell in love, teaching herself various tricks and learning new ones even today. 

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