Local SEO

4 ways to improve your Local SEO

Local SEO

Did you know almost 3/4th per cent of local searchers went for the store within the 5km after performing a local search? That gives you an idea about Local SEO is important to grow your business locally.

Local SEO is the process of improving your business presence locally, target local users and boost the possibility of your business found for a local search query. Nowadays, Voice search is trending and grab the attention of users. Optimizing your local business for voice search can take your business to the top level of popularity. Questions come into mind, How?

Here are the best ways to increase your local SEO without spending amount on your marketing.

  • Develop Content for Local Users

People generally looking for local information when searching for local business. Highlighting local content can attract more users. You can go with developing content that helps local buyers and which also increase your authority in your niche for your local buyers. Strategic keywords can be useful while developing local content.

For Instance, we can take one example, instead of writing a blog on the top 5 places to visit India, you can turn your pen for the best places to visit in Pune with the speciality, this way you can target local audience through your blog.

  • Optimize Title and Meta Description

When Visitors search on Google for a particular query, they saw number od results. To gain the attraction of user, Title and meta description( which is just below the URL ) turns to be a big weapon.

Title and Description

As shown in the image, I am targeting a local photographer based in Bangalore and optimize the title and description for the local search.

You need to think strategically and do some keywords research when it comes to the title and meta description because these two elements help you to reach your visitors. If you are using WordPress, then Yoast SEO can be done most of the things and it’s an easy way to update title and meta description than any other ways. Yoast SEO also helps you to figure out How good your title and description are? and also let you know the length of the characters.

One useful tip to improve local search engine optimization is always to the location in the title and description.

  • Google My Business is Key Factor in Local SEO

Google My Business is a great way when it comes to the local search engine optimization and ranking. GMB help you to attract more users for your business. Well, to get this fruitful result, you must optimize your Google My Business listing for the local searches.

Optimizing Google My Business listing is not rocket science and expensive at all. With following few simple steps you can get better stats for your listing. Make sure you are aware with Google My Business features and use it for your listing optimization.

  • Local Directory Listing and Web Directories Listing

Listing your business in the local listing directories has a eat advantage and big impact on your local SEO ranking. Local Directories like Sulekha, Justdial, Yelp and the list continues.

Get maximum benefit for your business with listing on all online web directories rather than only one. When you add your business in local directories, the chances of finding your business or product also getting increases. Though you need to check because few local directories charge for listing on their sites and free listing may take time to appear in the ch list.


Effective use of local SEO strategies can boost your business presence on the local platform and also increase your business or brand value in terms of users feedback and reviews. The important thing is all these tactics can be used with spending a t of money from your marketing budget.

4 Tips to Improve Local SEO Ranking in Minimum Budget
Article Name
4 Tips to Improve Local SEO Ranking in Minimum Budget
Local SEO is a great way to improve your business visibility and reach locally. Here are 4 Local SEO tips to sky-rocket your business.

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