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Facebook- 2019 F8 Conference

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It has been 15 years of Facebook. Through the journey, many ups and down come into the journey. Biggest cause facing Facebook is a privacy issue. But the 2019 F8 Conference, We expect to hear about everything from hardware to software and the security features. Here are the points you need to know about 2019 F8 Conference.

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In 2019 F8 Conference, “We are going to talk about building the privacy-focused social platform”, said by Zuck. Zuck is aware that Facebook doesn’t have great security features and do not have a great track of record of privacy. He says that there are widespread changes coming on all of the company platforms. We will discuss more it one at the time.


In 2019 F8 Conference Facebook heavily focused on private communication instead of public content. Like the posting done on social media feeds like Facebook and Instagram. The company wants to make Messenger faster. Messenger will now exist as a desktop app on MAC and Windows. If a user wants to use the Messenger they don’t have to keep a Facebook tab open in the browser.

Facebook claims that, in the upcoming years, it will make messenger the “fastest messaging app on the planet”. The app will be less than 30MB in size and starts in 1.3 seconds, which is more smaller and faster than the current version of the Application.

Messenger also lets users text and video chat with Instagram and Whatsapp users. This is a very good feature going to provide to the user.


When the topic comes to the bigger Public platform like Facebook, the community features get more attention. The redesigned app put communities and groups front and centre. Facebook Site redesign will match the App. The news feed has less important now with the new look on both the platforms. The new design app is rolling out for the U.S users.

The feature provides with the app is Shopping communities like eBay and Amazon. You can check out through the app, pay for the product you want and arrange the shipping as well. Facebook dating is also coming to the U.S.by the end of the year. You can also set a “Secret Crush” on Facebook and the person you choose to adds as secret crush will connect you.

Facebook F8 Conference
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Instagram is also a part of development and discussion in 2019 F8 Conference. The presentation here starts with shopping. There is a new shopping channel in Explore and user now will be able to send money directly to creators.

Now stories have don’t required you to start with a picture and video. You can pull up the blank canvas and add stickers and text over it. App also provides a donation sticker that let users can directly donate within the app.

The company also testing the feature that will hide “Like” counts from the audience. The update also downplays displaying the number of followers a person has. When it comes to security, there are several new features. User can also now put Instagram on-hold if they are in a “sensitive moment” like the transition to the new school.


An official says that Facebook’s in-home video calling device, Portal, has done better than the company expected. Now it’s going global this year and will include Whatsapp video calling so your video chats are also encrypted end-to-end.

Augmented stories and reality games are big new features here. There’s now a Portal App that lets you share photo’s to a Portal device from your phone.


When it comes to Virtual Reality, Oculus comes into the picture. Oculus for Business helps the tech support large scale deployments. Currently, this place is more important than home entertainment stuff.


The big new feature coming on Whatsapp is Product Catalogs. Businesses now can show users the products they sell and people can browse items and they can also send and receive money to buy goods. Facebook is already testing it in India with the millions of users.

WhatsApp will be a Facebook role model for future Facebook Products as it has 1.5 billion users worldwide at the moment.

Facebook 2019 F8 Conference is full of discussion about the new features and functionality coming to the Facebook App and others as well.

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